December 10, 2012

Fall Essential

Jacket - GAP, Tee - Nordstrom, Skirt - F21, Scarf - Macy's, Boots - Steve Madden
Last weekend, my garage flooded and I nearly lost two pairs of shoes to the disaster. Luckily, after I finished crying and pounding my fists on the ground and screaming "Why, God, why?" at the ceiling, I was able to give them CPR, revive them, sedate them, and save them from oblivion. Whew. It was a close one, but miracles do happen.

When I was running crazily through the garage trying to save my shoes calmly assessing the flood damage, I realized that the pair of shoes I was most scared to find in a puddle of water was my absolute favorite, worn, comfy, goes-with-everything, good old riding boots. I've had these for a few years now, and they've definitely seen better days, but they are my favorite fall essential and I wear the heck out of them all season. I can't get enough of them (as you will soon see, you've been warned), and I'm already tearing up thinking about the day that I'll have to retire them. There are loads of riding boot options out there, but I haven't seen any that I love more than these. I love that they are a bit distressed and that perfect cognac color that just seems to suit everything.

If you don't have a pair of riding boots for the fall, run (don't walk) and get a pair. Better yet, buy two in case of flooding. It will save you a lot of tears and rolled eye looks from the Boyfriend.


Elaine Hearn said...

gah!! scary!! hope the flood didn't do too much damage to your garage.. :X at least your boots were saved :D

Natasha Atkerson said...

Oh man! That stinks! Hopefully it didn't make too big of a mess!
Cute outfit-you're right-those boots are gorgeous! And I love the jean jacket, such a cute "new" trend!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Z said...

Agh, I can't imagine! I'll also invest in some shelving for my garage, hahaha. I need (no, really, for once I say need and MEAN IT) a good pair of boots - I love the way you keep styling yours!

Promotional products said...

I agree with elaine that's really scary things. Best of luck!

SignatureChic said...

hi dear! just found your blog and i love it! you have great style! would you like to follow each other?

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