March 6, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Coat - Lulu's, Tee, Skirt - F21, Tights - We Love Colors, Boots - Steve Madden
I know you don't believe me. But I'M BACK. I swear. I can not believe that I accidentally took a three-month hiatus from BSMMH. How did that happen? The truth is that I don't have a great excuse. I was swamped with soap orders over the holidays and through the new year and then I was traveling and then I was drowning in multiple urgent projects at work that kept me from getting anywhere near a computer when I got home at night. Can we just chalk it up to hibernation? I'm like a bear. I apparently crawled into a hole for three months and didn't come out. I may or may not have brought an entire box (or six) of Girl Scout Cookies into the hole with me. I know you probably can't forgive me, but please know that I have been missing you all like crazy and am so excited to finally be BACK. 

With winter sticking around for longer than I had hoped, I couldn't resist punctuating my return to bloggerdom with some bright colorblocking to rebel against the drab colors of the season. You know based on this post and this post and this post that I absolutely adore orange and blue together. Add some leopard to the mix and you've got yourself an outfit, my friends. I love these bright blue tights. I have and always will be a skirts girl, even in the dead of winter. Thank goodness for fun colored tights! Sorry I'm rocking my fave pair of boots yet again. I just can't get enough of them. They're like frozen yogurt or chocolate. I have an unnatural love for them even they don't really love me back.  

Stay tuned for more posts (I promise!)...and for all of you who are still out there, thank you for your faithfulness! 


SignatureChic said...

hi dear! thank you for visiting and following my blog..i am also following you now

Z said...

love that coat! glad to see you're back n' attem!

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