January 31, 2011

Rodeo Rose

Dress, Belt - F21, Jewelry - Vintage, Tights - We Love Colors, Boots - Steve Madden
Didn't I tell you that the long-sleeved mini dress with tights and boots was one of my fave go-to outfits for cold weather? I love how this one has a bit of a Western feel to it...AND it's floral, which is always a bonus for me, since I love floral dresses! I worried that the dress was too short when I bought it, but with tights, it didn't seem too bad. And remember, wearing short skirts elongates my legs a whole half-inch. Cha-ching.

The mans and I had some errands to run in the East Bay, so we decided to grab a delicious brunch at Bette's Diner in Berkeley (check out the delicious rum banana souffle pancake I inhaled ate daintily!) and walked around the cute little shops on 4th Street.

I love the Bay Area because of all the places there are to walk around outdoors. It's one of the things I miss most about LA. There's nothing I enjoy more than strolling down a street with my pup in one hand, warm and steamy coffee in the other, window shopping and people watching. Especially when I'm wearing comfy flat boots.

And yes, I am wearing colored tights again! Yay, me! Brown this time. I'm getting braver and braver. I'll work my way up to an actual bright color any day now.

My little pup Shumai was such a good sport while I took my outfit photos, so I decided she deserved a shot of her own. She's a little fashionista herself in her little red quilted cape!

Oh, excuse me. Shumai just informed me it's a capelet.

January 26, 2011

Standing Tall

Sweater Dress - BB Dakota (old), Boots - Target, Scarf - Gifted from Thailand
I know it's weird, but for some reason, being in the snow makes me want to wear skirts and dresses. What's also weird is that I absolutely abhor the thought of putting on pantyhose for work but am thoroughly excited at the thought of sliding on a fun pair of colored or textured tights. That makes no sense, does it? I know, I am a walking mystery. That's what makes me so odd interesting.

I am a fan of the sweater mini-dress. With tights. It's a good option for the petite and curvy because the short length elongates your legs, but the tights keep you from showing too much skin. Add some boots and, voila, you look at least like half an inch taller than before. Magic.

Oh, and if you put your hair up in a kicky bun like I did, you can probably even give yourself another quarter inch. I felt about 10 feet 5 foot 2 inches tall while walking around in this outfit.  I really shouldn't be dishing you all my secrets, but hey, I'm a giver.

January 25, 2011

Snow Leopard

Military Jacket - H&M, Tee- Target, Skirt - F21, Shoes - ModCloth
I didn't even realize when I picked this outfit that this skirt has a "SNOW leopard" print, but how perfect was it that I wore it in the...SNOW? Yes, these are the things I find amusing, people, and yes, I probably definitely need to get out more. Seriously though, I am really digging animal prints these days, and this leopard print, pleated skirt combines two of my favorite current trends. I also love the idea of winterizing something chiffon and summery (Yes, I just made up that word, but I am expecting it to take off any day now), which was a former fashion rule I have been breaking repeatedly this season. I feel so...rebellious and naughty! OK, not really, but I still love the idea of breaking my fashion rules.

Despite how cold it was in the snow in my summery skirt, I love how the wind kept swirling my skirt around!

I picked this military jacket up a year or so ago and love the fact that it's in such a non-military color. Plum is one of my favorite colors...and this jacket has proven to be a great way to brighten up any outfit.

One more snow picture to come later this week ( I love taking photos in the snow!), but unfortunately, I have no more super, ultra-cool snow animal-print-clothing-in-the-snow photos to post. I'm only that cool once in a while.

January 21, 2011

Pop of Pink

Tee - H&M, Dress - PIKO 1988 c/o Paper Doll, Tights - We Love Colors, Boots - Bamboo
So unfortunately, I only have a couple of pictures for you today. They were the only decent ones I could find in the dozens I took in this outfit. I blame my boyfriend/photographer. It's much easier than blaming me. Universal truth, people. Why blame yourself, when you can blame your boyfriend/photographer?

I was really hesitant about buying this sweater dress because I wasn't sure how to wear it, but I've since realized that I can wear it all sorts of ways...with leggings, jeans, or tights like I did here. And it is roomy, so it is an extremely comfortable choice when you're having a "fat day." You have those, right? I hope I'm not the only one! Anyway, I went with a neutral color combination and then added a pop of color (again) to add a little excitement. I've said it before and I will say it again...a scarf can truly save a boring outfit! Invest in a couple of bright colored ones and watch how it can liven up your wardrobe.

I hope you all noticed that I am rocking colored tights! I mentioned HERE how hard that is for me. Okay, okay, so I know you're going to say that gray isn't really a color...but I told you, baby steps is how I like to roll. I also got a chance to wear these new cuffed boots I snagged. I love them because they make my feet (a whopping size 8, which is ridiculously large for my 5-foot frame) look smaller. Yes, strange things make me happy.

Heading to the snow this weekend to get out of town and have some fun, and I am SUPER excited to take pictures in some snowy backgrounds to post next week. Outfit photos in the snow always look so picturesque.

Of course, if my pictures don't turn out to be so picturesque, you know who I'm going to blame.

Have a great weekend, everyone! <3

January 18, 2011

It's Black, It's White

Jacket - Target, Top - F21, Jeans - Divine Rights of Denim for F21, Jewelry - Vintage, Booties - Steve Madden
Look at how much I love this black-and-white striped top, I've remixed it already (last seen here).  I think a black-and-white striped top is an essential wardrobe staple. There are tons of ways that you can wear it and tons of colors that you can wear it with. It looks great with bright colored skirts, jeans with a colored cardigan or jacket, or as a more fashionable substitute for a white or black top. I have a blush colored skirt that I can't wait to remix it with next.  

Army green skinny jeans are becoming one of my favorite wardrobe items. This pair by Divine Rights of Denim are so great because they are SO COMFY, they feel more like stretch pants than jeans. I know I plan on wearing them a ton this season. 

Ever have one of those days where seeing photos of yourself makes you cringe? This was one of those days. I don't know why I couldn't unfreeze my face. It's a new clinical condition of mine, "Frozen Face." It might have been because I stayed up late catching up with friends and didn't get a lot of sleep. Or it might have been the fact that we were running late for brunch and I was feeling rushed. Or it quite possibly might have been the fact that my boyfriend was squatting in the middle of a street with cars whizzing by as he tried to take these photos, and I feared for his life. No, wait. I remember now. It was because I was hungry. Silly me, I should have known. Being hungry always gives me Frozen Face. Not to mention Grumpy Attitude. And Irritable Snapping. Hm. Maybe I really should just make sure I'm well fed at all times.

January 14, 2011

Back to Basics

Jacket - ModCloth; Tee, Necklace - F21, Jeans - JBrand, Boots - Cathy Jean
For whatever reason, I feel like I'm always drawn to outfits that have at least a few of bells and whistles (i.e. pops of bright colors, different textures, layers, accessories, different fabrics, etc.).  I think there's a part of me that feels like a quality outfit needs to look as if it took a lot of effort to put it together. That same part of me cringed at the thought of posting an outfit photo that included nothing more than a basic white tee-shirt?! (Oh, the horror!)  Of course, my notion is unequivocally and unmistakably W-R-O-N-G. Sometimes the most sophisticated of outfits are the ones that are simple, basic, and uncomplicated.

I think I wanted to get back to basics with this outfit, and what better way to do so than with a black-white-tan color combination? Black and white never goes out of style (of course!) and throwing in a tan or a brown keeps it from getting too boring. Plus, my back-to-basics outfit gave me a chance to rock this green hooded military jacket from ModCloth that I've been dying to don since I got it.

I love the look of all the army green jackets that are out right now, but most of them just didn't look right on me. They made me look...well, like I was in the military. Shocking, I know. But I love how this one is feminine and sporty and rugged all at the same time...and it doesn't make you you want to start yelling "Left, Left... Left, Right, Left!" at me. I suppose it might make you want to start yelling other things at me, but as long as it's things like "Cute!" "Love it!" and "Fabulous," I think we can be friends.

January 10, 2011

Museum Date

Dress - PIKO c/o Paper Doll on Melrose; Belt, Leggings - F21; Booties - Steve Madden c/o Marshalls; Jewelry - Vintage; Bag - ModCloth; Coat - Gifted (Jones New York)
 The boyfriend took me on a bona fide date over the weekend to celebrate both of us feeling better after battling yucky, sniffly, coughy colds all week. Yay! To top it off, the date was a Me Date, not a He Date. Not familiar with the difference? Allow me to illustrate. Fancy dinner at a much-acclaimed restaurant with wine, followed by something yummy and chocolatey, and most importantly accompanied by deep and meaningful conversation = Me Date. Sushi at the same sushi restaurant we go to once-a-week, followed by bowling and beer, with conversation limited to trash talking and bowling lingo = He Date. Most of our dates fall somewhere in between these two, but I'll put this past weekend's in the Me Date column (it makes me feel like I'm winning). Our date included a delicious lunch at a brand new cafe that I'd been wanting to try and checking out the new exhibits at an art museum.

Shirt/tunic dresses are one of my fave wardrobe choices for the curvy girl. They cover the booty and give you some structure, plus you can wear them a bunch of different ways. I decided to wear leggings for warmth and comfort and then opted for my other peep toe booties (I mentioned here how I got them for such a steal!).

I was running out the door when I decided to grab a coat (thank God I did since it was deceptively cold outside).  Without much thought, I grabbed my wool camel coat, one of my absolute faves. Not only did my Dad take me to the store, pick it out and buy it for me for Christmas two years ago (my father NEVER takes me shopping, so it was really cute),  it also practically goes with everything. It's definitely a good thing to invest in, if you're looking for a new winter coat. In fact, I think every girl only needs (and should have) coats in black, gray, and camel. Those three colors will cover you in all situations.

So why do I also own coats in plum, green, khaki, brown, cream, and red? Um, don't ask me such questions. Don't you see what the name of my blog is?!

January 5, 2011

Singing in the Rain...

Rainboots - Target, Jeans - JBrand, Tee - F21, Coat - Old Navy, Necklace - Vintage
OK, so I'm usually not singing in the rain. I'm more like whining in the rain, complaining in the rain, cursing in the rain. I'm rarely singing. But I swear these yellow rainboots make me want to whine/complain/curse in a more sing songy way. That counts, doesn't it?

I actually bought these rainboots on clearance at Target as part of a halloween costume a couple of years back (we were bees)...but I liked them so much that I try to wear them whenever the weather is dreary. Which is a lot these days.  I always thought that wearing yellow and black is a fashion don't, but ever since I saw this one outfit of Gwyneth Paltrow's from the movie View from the Top, the yellow-black-white color combo is one of my faves! You'll see that combo more in future posts.

OK, so now you know one of my favorite color combinations, that I sometimes watch crappy movies, and that you can find fashion inspiration anywhere...even crappy movies. Or at least that's what you can tell people when you get caught watching "13 Going on 30" or "Bring it On" or "Mean Girls."

Haha, what am I saying...those are some really good movies. Don't judge me.

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had an absolutely lovely New Years Eve. I'm actually spending New Years Day with the fella instead of my family for the first time in years and so far we have spent the day relaxing and getting ready for his family's annual New Years Party (read: chowfest) tonight. I decided to go with a casual skirt outfit for the occasion even though it's rainy and cold. I find myself dressing up more when the weather is dreary, maybe as an attempt to inject some happy, despite the clouds.

Jewelry, Watch - Vintage, Jacket - Target, Tee, Skirt - F21, Tights - We Love Colors, Shoes - Santee Alley

I'm so proud of myself for donning these tights finally! Colored tights is something that I love in theory, but I always have trouble actually putting them on. I don't know why. Probably because I have ingrained in myself this desire to draw people's attention AWAY from my legs (which I don't love). But I decided that 2011 will be the year for being bold. So I bought two pairs of colored tights in...are you ready for this... navy and brown. Groundbreaking, I know. Just call me Bold. Jane Bold. Okay, okay. Give me time. I'll work up to bold in 2011.


Anyway, wishing everyone much love and luck and happiness for 2011!! Time to go have fun with the boyfriend's family (Read:  get my serious chow on). 
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