September 17, 2013

Fine Line

Skirt - Marshall's, Top - F21, Necklace - DIY, Watch - Michael Kors
I told you my love for maxis was deep and real. I can't seem to stop buying them. I love the solid color ones, but I also love ones with a subtle print like this one. The vertical stripes are fun but also lengthening, which is important to a curvy petite like me. A little note for curvy girls looking to try the maxi trend: I know it's counterintuitive, but look for a cut that's more form fitting in the booty and hips and an A-line cut. A lot of maxis these days are fuller and more billowy, and all that material is just going to give you a shapeless, unflattering silhouette. There's a fine line with maxis between chic and I-should-be-an-extra-on-Little-House-On-The-Prairie, so make sure to fall on the side of the line that you want to fall on. Of course, if you want to look like Laura Ingalls, no judgment. Go on with your pioneer self. 

September 12, 2013


Tank - ?, Skirt - H&M, Watch - Michael Kors
I know, I know, it's September and it's fall, but when the weather is warm and summery, I'm going to dress like it's summer y'all. If Mother Nature didn't get the memo, then I'm not going to remind her. I have been waiting to recreate this look I saw on Pinterest a long while back. I love the fuschia-navy stripe combo, so I just did the inverse since I already had the pieces. That's the great thing about Pinterest. You can take something you see and put your own spin on it. You can also, you know, learn how to build like a car or something with pipe cleaners, chalkboard paint, some twine, and other household items you never thought about.

September 9, 2013

Fall Transition Already

Top - Urban Outfitters, Skirt - H&M, Bag - Zara (gifted)
Despite the fact that it is a roasting triple-digit day here in NorCal, I'm starting to slowly accept the fact that fall is almost upon us. I'm starting to have to take my pup to the dog park a little earlier each day to beat the fading sunlight, and the nights are getting noticeably cooler, with a crisp, brisk smell that I haven't smelled in a year.

My fave way to transition to fall fashion without melting in the heat (which seems to be sticking around for a bit) is to rock maxi dresses and skirts. They're cool and loose but say "fall" to me. No, not literally. My clothes don't talk to me. Well, sometimes, I'll have a new outfit that screams "WEAR ME!" over and over, but the important thing is, I never talk back. Hardly. Ever.

September 6, 2013

Love Them Pleats

Tank - H&M, Skirt - Vintage
Happy Friday, babes! I don't know about you, but this week just flew by. I LOVE four-day work weeks more than I love chocolate, and that's really saying something. I know it's only the difference of one day, but for some reason, the difference between a four-day work week and a five-day work week is like the difference between a pancake with syrup and just a pancake with nothing. Mmmm, pancakes. Now I'm all distracted. 

I'm going to try and squeeze out all of the summer that's left this weekend by alternating my days between lounging by the pool and playing a charity round of golf for a local organization. That's right, I golf. Don't be surprised. I'm Korean, so it's in my blood. You know, like my penchant for karaoke, my fire for fighting when necessary, and my complete and utter madness for World Cup soccer. 

Have a great weekend, guys! 

September 3, 2013

Smart Investment

Blazer - Boutique in SLO, Tank - French Connection, Shorts - F21, Heels - Zara, Watch - Michael Kors (gifted)
There's something I love about rocking a structured jacket or blazer with a pair of shorts. It's like the perfect combination of casual and fancy, and when you throw on a pair of chic heels, you've got a perfect outfit for dinner with the girls or a date with the mans. The best part is, you can ditch the jacket and easily swap the heels out for a pair of flat sandals before dinner to run errands in like I did. Did we just make two outfits out of one? I think we did. 

Can we just talk for one second about how I got this totally cute and versatile French Connection tank top at Marshall's for a mere $8 on clearance? Sometimes, I love living in a town that is not very fashion forward because you find the best gems overlooked in the discount stores. I already know this tank is going to be a staple in my wardrobe for a long time because the quality of the piece. An investment piece for $8? Don't have to ask me twice. And they say making smart investments is hard.  

August 30, 2013

A Little Bit Country

Romper - Target, Necklace - Gifted from Banana Republic, Shoes - F21 
When we're kids we learn that 1 plus 2 unequivocally equals three. It's got to be the most common example that people use of a simple equation. Well, I've got another one for you. Floral (of any kind) plus a braided tan belt equals just a little bit country. Simple, right? I've found that whenever I add a braided brown belt to a floral piece (even a black floral piece like this one), that my outfit gives off a distinct country flavor, and who doesn't want that sometimes? Throw a jean jacket over this outfit, and I'm ready for a hoe down. Or a square dance. Or a date to the movies with the mans, which was where I was actually going. And no, it wasn't a Western. This is 2013, and we can be a little bit country whenever and wherever we want. Right, ladies? Just don't go too overboard with the country theme. Like pairing this outfit with cowboy boots (I actually own some). That kind of an outfit probably really would only be okay at a hoe down or a square dance. Of course, if that's where you're going...go for it, you've got yourself a darn cute outfit.

This labor day weekend promises to be full of great ways to end the summer (tear!) with a bang. I'll be rolling out to watch a college football game of my old alma mater Northwestern University (go CATS!) take on Cal in Berkeley with a bunch of friends, and then I'm jetting off to Monterey for a little weekend getaway to celebrate another anniversary with the mans. Hope you all have a safe holiday weekend! 

August 28, 2013

Walking Backwards

Top - F21, Shorts - Banana Republic, Shoes - F21, Necklace - Lulu's
Lately, I've been drawn to tops with surprising details in the back, and this top doesn't disappoint. I love the gold buttons and the way it opens at the bottom. Such details keep the top from being boring (as boring as a bright coral-pink top can be anyway) and allow you to rock a fun statement necklace since the front of these types of tops are usually pretty plain. Now if I could only learn to walk backwards without falling over, I could give the backs of my new tops the attention they deserve. I know you don't want to, but you're now imagining we walking into a room backwards and waving "Hi, guys! Like my top?" And come on, admit it, it's funny. 

Happy Hump Day! 

August 26, 2013

Mint & Navy

Dress - Calvin Klein via Marshalls, Heels - F21, Bracelet - JCrew
Recently, I went to a wedding and finally got a chance to rock this gorgeous colorblock dress that I've had sitting in my closet, waiting for just the right occasion. I love the details of the dress, like the draped bodice, sash, and tulip skirt...but I absolutely LOVE the color scheme. See how I recreated the scheme with another outfit here. Sorry for the weird glare in the photos, by the way. I was jetting to take these quickly before the reception began, and the lighting was not great.

I don't know about you, but I adore weddings. I love the detail that goes into them, like the beautiful flowers and linens and table centerpieces. Of course, I also love the (extremely) free-flowing booze and the fun that is always had when you get together for a party with your closest friends. Oh yeah, and all that marriage stuff is great too, but let's get back to the PARTY part. One of the things I love about weddings, as a self-proclaimed girly girl, is the chance to dress up (and dress the mans up) and wear things I wouldn't normally wear. Like lipstick. And fake eyelashes. And a dress that I have to justify keeping because I bought it without really having an occasion in mind to wear it to. This wedding allowed me to do all three, and I loved every minute. See below for how I forced asked the mans to color-coordinate with me, like I did last time. And the time before that.

August 23, 2013

Those Summer Nights

Dress - H&M
So it's summer here in Cali, which means it is hot hot hot during the days. But in the evenings, the temperatures dip down a bit, and I'm always looking for something to wear that is still summery but won't make me feel cold. Enter the maxi dress. I adore maxi dresses, as you can see here, here, and here, and they are the perfect summer night go-to look for me, especially with a jean jacket thrown on top. This tie-dyed one from H&M is simple and comfy (read: stretchy!) and best yet, it only cost like $13. 

I also did something a little out of my comfort zone with this one, which is to belt it at my natural waistline, as opposed to higher (right below my rib cage) like I usually do. As a curvy girl, I usually wear my belts higher because I'd like to accentuate the smallest part of my waist...and as a petite girl, I usually wear my belts higher to lengthen my legs (sheesh, it's so hard being me!) but I kind of like how the belt-at-natural-waistline look turned out. It looks like a completely different dress with the belt dropped lower, and now I'm thinking I might try it with a lot of my other dresses. BAM. See what I just did there? I just doubled my wardrobe. 

I'm doing my darndest to try and keep this weekend a relaxing one by not committing myself to much. I'm in desperate need of some quality time at the park with my pup and some relaxing time with my Kindle by the pool, so I can soak up the last bits of summer before its gone. Happy Friday, loves!  

August 21, 2013

Laser Cut

Tank - F21, Shorts - Nordstrom, Shoes - JustFab
Lately, I have been finding myself more and more drawn to the gorgeous laser-cut pieces that I've been seeing out there. This particular black tank top was irresistible to me, with its flattering cut and high-low hem. I particularly love the detail in the back, right down to the gold button. There's just something so chic and sexy about this lasercut pattern, and I love that it shows a little bit of cleavage without really showing any cleavage, if that makes sense. As I get older, I find that my necklines get higher and higher, and this pretty laser cut pattern was an easy way to keep the neckline high and the cleavage subtle without looking like a total grandma. Because, hey, just because I sometimes fall asleep in front of the TV in my PJs shortly after drinking a nice warm cup of tea (and long before Conan comes on) doesn't mean that my outfit has to belie my grandma status, right?

August 16, 2013


From L to R -
Row 1: New booties; My dinner of fruit and fro yo (don't judge); I heart chevron!; House of Prime Rib in SF (yum!);
Row 2: Black-cobalt-leopard for work; Arm party; I'm a HUGE horror movie buff and The Conjuring rocked my skirt off; Tip for gel nails growing out: glitter ombre!
Row 3: Strawberry shortcake from Bakesale Betty's in Oakland; Bay Bridge; Pastels and MJs; My baby girl
Row 4: Grandmother's jade ring; Peacock print for work; Addicted to green tea lattes; Obsessed with ankle straps  
I love looking back at the instaneous snapshots of my life and having such a readily available log of my recent experiences. Sometimes, I hate technology so much (the fact that I can't make it through an hour without looking at my phone drives me nuts or the fact that I can't get away from the office even on vacation), but when it comes to Instagram, I'm pretty thankful for the memories it allows me to document. Well done, technology. Well done. Follow me, BSMMH, if you want to share in my Insta-life.

This weekend is going to be another relaxing one. I'm planning date night tonight for the mans, and I plan on sleeping in tomorrow and making breakfast in my pajamas (one of my absolute favorite Saturday morning luxuries). I've also got a work summer baseball game picnic, and I'm hoping to squeeze in some pool time since the temperatures are expected to hit the three-digit mark again. Oh, summer, I will make the most of you while I can!

What are your weekend plans? Have a great one, and stay cool!

August 13, 2013


Top - F21, Skirt - Nordstrom
I came to the disturbing realization over the weekend that summer is almost over. And I nearly cried. If you're not new to this blog, then you know that I always have a hard time dealing with the end of summer. It's probably just a left over Pavlovian response from being a student and feeling that the end of summer marks the end of relaxation, irresponsibility, long days, and warm weather activities. But it also means the end of super cute summer outfits. I know there are so many bloggers out there who crave fall weather and the outfit possibilities it brings, but not me. I love skirts and tank tops and dresses and sandals. And I'm just not ready for scarves and boots and jeans. I have a lot of cute summer wear to get through before cold temperatures force me to bundle up, so I'm on a mission to squeeze them all in while I can! 

Yes, I fully recognize that this crisis of wanting to wear all my cute summer clothes while I still can is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You'd think binge watching six hours of Orange is the New Black over the weekend (can I just reiterate how awesome this show is?!) should have given me a whole new perspective on what I consider problems. But I figure that's part of what freedom is, right? The freedom to sweat the small things or the freedom to find joy in rocking a cute new outfit. In my case, it's probably also the freedom to sit on my couch eating frozen yogurt and fruit and watch multiple episodes of OITB on a Sunday afternoon without feeling like a sloth. Freedom is freedom, yo. (That "yo" is my tribute to Tricia's character on the show. Yes, I might be getting a bit obsessed.)      

August 9, 2013

Sail Away

Sweater , Shorts - F21, Bracelet - JCrew, Sunnies - RayBan
There's something that just seems so wrong about wearing a light sweater with shorts...and yet, it can be so right. I think one of the fashion rules I unconsciously adhere to is pairing short sleeves with shorts and long sleeves with long pants. But I really wanted to do a nautical/coral look, and the only blue and white striped item I had in my closet was this sweater, so I went for it. Rules, schmules, right? I actually kind of love how it turned out, and it was a surprisingly perfect outfit for an early morning summer breakfast where I was afraid I'd be a bit chilly. I love the nautical + coral color theme, although I think this sweater would also look great with my mustard yellow shorts or my red mini skirt. A nautical stripe top is just so versatile, and pairing it with shorts is so much more fun than just wearing it with jeans like I did here

What are all you lovely ladies doing for the weekend? I'm looking forward to taking it easy, and getting some much needed R&R. I plan on spending the weekend celebrating a friend's birthday, sleeping in when I can, and sneaking in as many episodes as I can of Orange is the New Black (I'm hooked!). Have a great one, lovelies! 

August 7, 2013

Color Combinations

Top - Marshalls, Skirt - Nordstrom, Belt - F21, Shoes - Zara, Watch - Michael Kors, Bracelet - Gifted
I mentioned last week that I've recently become cuckoo for watercolor prints, and here's the proof that I wasn't lying. I. Just. Can't. Get. Enough. They're so versatile and fun and, well, just...pretty. I picked this cute tank top up at my local Marshalls for a steal, and I can't wait to style it with all sorts of outfits. I paired it with a black skirt and heels here for a yummy lunch with some friends, but I can see myself wearing it more casually with white cut offs and sandals or even to work with some navy slacks and pumps. With something so colorful, the possibilities are really endless. It's like putting together toppings at a Yogurtland. Endless. Possibilities. 

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