June 29, 2011

Pass the Mustard

Tank - Target, Shorts - Old Navy, Shoes - Steve Madden, Bracelets - Vintage & ModCloth
I told you the heels would be back soon, and there they are! I knew I wouldn't be able to stay a shorty for too long. I mean, the view is just so different at 5'1". I felt like I was starting to miss out on a whole lot of goings on up there at the 5'5" viewpoint.

I have searched high and low for the past several months for the perfect pair of mustardy yellow shorts. They had to be just the right shade, fit, and style. Isn't it so difficult to shop when you know exactly what you're looking for? It always feels like there are tons of things to buy when you're not looking, but as soon as you're looking specifically for something, it's as hard to find as meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. (If you get that reference, we should be friends). I actually bought and returned several pairs of shorts before I found this pair at Old Navy of all places. I haven't been to an Old Navy in ages, but I was looking for cheap flip-flops one day and there these shorts were. I'm loving bright colors for spring and summer and can't wait to see all the different ways I can wear my new fave pair of shorts.

What do you think of colored shorts this season?

June 27, 2011

Still on Hawaii Time

T-Shirt - Billabong (men's), Skirt - Old Navy, Sandals - Aeropostale, Bracelets - Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

Surprised? Yep, that's me, appearing on this blog, in a T-SHIRT. Shocking, I know.

As a self-proclaimed "fancy" girl, I have to admit, it is sometimes hard for me to feel comfortable in just a T-shirt and flat sandals. I usually feel out of sorts without jewelry and heels. But since I got back from Hawaii, I have had a hard time wanting to put anything on other than a bathing suit and flip flops (which would probably get kind of awkward at the grocery store, gas station, etc.), so for the past week, I've compromised by practically been living in soft and comfortable T-shirts and cut-offs with little jewelry. This bright green men's T-shirt I picked up in Honolulu has been like a uniform for me this week! I love men's T-shirts so much better than women's tees. They're looser in the belly region and so comfortable. I know I'll be back to heels and skirts and accessories in a few days, but for now, it's felt kind of nice slowly easing back into the "fancy." That's what's so great about fashion...you can change it up to suit your mood. And I love how this outfit can almost make me feel like I'm still on vacation. Almost.

I picked up these leather woven bracelets at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet and have been living in them ever since. They seem to go with all sorts of different outfits, and I love how they give the outfit a bit of an edgy feel. The best part is that they were like six bracelets for five dollars! I can't wait to style them with all sorts of different looks.

June 24, 2011

Shopping in Paradise

Considering the name of this blog, and my clear shopping addiction, I thought it only right to end my week of Hawaii-related posts by talking about one of my absolute favorite shopping spots in Oahu:  the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. The swap meet runs three days a week and stretches all the way around the football stadium in Oahu, where the University of Hawaii plays its games. This means hundreds and hundreds of little vendors, selling shell, wooden, silver, jade, and gold jewelry, handmade bags, hawaiian flowers and plants, handcarved wooden bowls and figurines, T-shirts, dresses, and anything else you can imagine. I always stop by the swap meet once every trip to load up on gifts for people back home and little trinkets and jewelry for myself.

It's honestly a haven for a shopper like me. This year, I made it all the way around the stadium, which had me feeling hot and tired. Thank goodness that the swap meet is also full of food and beverage vendors, selling everything from homemade jams and barbecue sauce, grilled shrimp and Kahlua pork sandwiches to fresh squeezed lemonade and fresh coconut water.  I picked up some gorgeous coral jewelry, great leather and beaded bracelets that I know I'll be rocking all summer here in California, some beautiful hand-carved wooden kitchen utensils, and a bunch of other little things. Thank goodness I packed an extra empty bag (a little travel trick of mine!) in my suitcase to cart home all my loot.

This woman was not messing around. She would grab a cleaver and break open the top of the chilled coconut before inserting a straw and handing it to a parched shopper.
Shopping is just one of the reasons why I absolutely love visiting Hawaii. Even shopping in normal brick and mortar shops in Waikiki really feels like an experience, with their Hawaiian-themed, colorful displays. The high-end boutiques, like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, are bright and breezy.  The local surf shops seem to capture the perfect laid-back "Aloha state of mind" with its decor. Even the Forever 21 in downtown Waikiki is unlike any other I've ever been in. In addition to a large surf wave display, made entirely out of jeans, the store had underwater fish displays and even a giant coconut with a straw in it that was big enough to sit in. Like I said, for a shopper (and beach nut) like me, Honolulu is really a haven.

Ceiling of a surf shop
Third-floor window display of F21
That concludes my week of Hawaii-related blog posts. I'll return to regular outfit posts next week. Thank you so much for letting me chronicle some of my vacation here. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I felt like I got to extend my trip for a whole week by reliving my fun on this blog, so thank you for that.

Have a great weekend, loves!

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

June 23, 2011

A Real Outfit Post

Ta-da! Here is my one post with real outfit photos from my trip to Hawaii. I swear to you, I tried to take more, but like I said, we seemed to always be running out the door everyday (that's what happens when you are maximizing your beach time and constantly late for dinner plans), and outfit photos weren't really an option. Speaking of which, I hope you will excuse the wet, undone hair and minimal makeup in these photos. Hawaii isn't really the place for overdone tresses or faces, and I didn't have time to get to all that anyhow. Hopefully you can just focus on my outfit and glorious "Magda" tan.  

The maxi dress is an absolute must for a vacation to Waikiki, in my opinion. It's the perfect nighttime outfit because it's summery and cool, and yet covers your legs (whether you've got a bad sunburn or you need shielding from the tropical rains that were so frequent at night) and looks a bit more polished than your typical daytime summer dress. Pop on a bright colored cuff and a bright flower for your hair, and you are Hawaii nighttime ready!

Waikiki on Oahu actually has a vibrant nightlife, unlike a lot of the other islands' cities. We spent our nights eating at delicious local eateries and walking around Kalakaua Avenue, where shops, street vendors, entertainers, and tourists abound. There were so many people walking around until nearly midnight every night that I swear it almost felt like Vegas at times. I loved walking around at night in 75 degree weather, people watching, shopping (of course) and just breathing in the scent of the fresh plumeria blooming on the trees and the ocean breeze. But we liked to end our nights by taking our shoes off, walking along the cool sand of Waikiki and dipping our toes in the water under the moonlight. Yes, I know that sounds almost unbelievably romantic and picturesque, but it's the truth. OK, so we also ended up sometimes splashing each other and might have had a couple of sand kicking fights too. We're romantic, but we're no 1980s John Hughes movie.

June 22, 2011

Island Girl

Even though I spent so much time at the beaches in Oahu, I didn't think it would be right if I didn't show you some spots on the inland portions of the island, which have a completely different look, landscape, and even temperature. Central Oahu is full of lush mountains and greenery, not to mention constant tropical rains, waterfalls, and exotic animals. It's absolutely gorgeous, and half the time, I hoped expected members from the cast of Lost to come popping out of the jungle at me.

Early on in my trip, I noticed that every other shop on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki was selling these adorable and extremely comfortable looking floral Hawaiian dresses, and I just HAD to have one three. Yes, I brought three of them back with me, much to my boyfriend's disapproval. Hey, I have never made my shopping addiction a secret. They were just so cute and comfy, and halter dresses are so flattering on the curvy girl. Besides, they match with all the gorgeous flowers on the island, and did I mention that they were each under $20?? I can't wait to wear them to barbecues on warm summer nights with a jean jacket thrown over them. It's my little way of keeping my Hawaii vacation alive all summer long!

June 21, 2011

Keep it Casual

One of the challenges for me in Hawaii, which is beyond casual for a "fancy" girl like me, is dressing comfortably and chic at the same time. Flip-flops are pretty much the unofficial state shoe, which is always a bit of a jarring change for someone who LIVES in heels (I felt so short all week!), but still, I tried to put together outfits that I think proved that you can be comfortable without looking sloppy. This striped bathing suit cover-up was stylish but felt like pajamas. I ended up actually wearing it to bed a couple of times on my trip. It is indeed more comfortable than pajamas.

How gorgeous is the beach behind me? It's Hanauma Bay, one of our regular snorkeling spots, and a famous beach on Oahu. For some reason, the rays at Hanauma Bay always kick my coconut, so I was prepared this time, with large bottles of sunblock and a hat to keep my head from getting sunburnt.  We spent the day on the beach, taking breaks between swimming and snorkeling to eat yummy Hawaiian snacks and fresh pineapple that we brought in coolers. One of the things I truly miss about Hawaii, other than the warm ocean, the gorgeous weather, the friendly people, the shopping, and the beautiful scenery is the fresh pineapple and pineapple juice that was so readily available all the time. I know it seems like an odd thing to miss, but I swear to you, it's ridiculously delicious.

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