December 30, 2011

I'm a Survivor

Romper - F21 (last seen HERE), Booties - Steve Madden, Jacket - GAP, Scarf - Nordstrom, gifted, Belt - Macy's (worn backwards)
I can NOT believe I survived this past work week. Working that week between Christmas and New Years is so painful, for some reason, so if you survived working this past week, then kudos to you too! I think it has to do with the fact that I know most people aren't working. I'll go to Starbucks and see people in casual clothing, lounging around, drinking coffee and chatting, while I'm tapping my foot impatiently, waiting for my latte, and cursing my dress pants and heels. I hate working when I know other people are having fun! I really don't understand why corporate America doesn't just shut down during the week between Christmas and New Years. Nobody is being very productive anyway, and we could all use a break to gear up for the New Year. Can I get an "amen"?!

Heading down to LA (again!) this weekend for New Years, where the temperature is supposed to hit 81 degrees on Sunday (what?!). I really need to move. So I get to pretend that it's summer for a weekend, and I can't wait! This means I can break out shorts and open-toed shoes and leave the coat at home, right? I'm so excited, I might just run around in my bathing suit on Sunday. If you don't find me on the blog next will probably be able to find me in the paddywaggon, in my swimsuit and screaming, "It's summmerrrr!"

2011 was a year full of ups and downs for me, but the one that remained constant was my passion for this blog...and the faithfulness of all of you guys! Even at my lowest points (and there were a few), I loved that I could always rely on the encouraging and supportive comments of my BSMMH family. Thank you so much for that! Happy New Year,'s to an absolutely fabulous (and fashionable) 2012!

December 28, 2011

Leather Me Up

Tank - Vince Camuto, Skirt - Zara, Jacket - Local Boutique, Tights - Target, Shoes - H&M, Earrings, Belt - F21
I hope you all had a LOVELY holiday long weekend! Mine was filled with delicious food, lounging around with family, and poring through my mother's old photo albums for vintage fashion inspiration. I don't know why I never thought of doing it was amazing to see my mom's stylish looks from the 1960s and 1970s (she was a fashion designer during that time)...and I left feeling beyond impressed and inspired with my mama. She was a major hottie and looked like she just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine all the time. It really motivated me to keep up with my passion for fashion and not give in the the sometimes-very-strong urge to wear sweats on a regular basis! I'll see if she'll let me post some of the photos here so you can take a look...and I encourage you guys to look to your parents and grandparents for vintage inspiration as well!

Lately, I have been absolutely obsessed with finding the perfect faux leather pencil skirt...and TADA! Here it is! I searched high and low for this puppy, and I have to say, it was totally worth the wait. This faux leather is buttery and soft, and the skirt hugs my curves, but not TOO tightly, so it can be worn for day or for night. Plus I love the subtle exposed zipper in the back (which matches the zippers on the backs of my shoes...yes, it's the little things that please me) and the slightly-longer-than-knee length. I wore this outfit for Christmas Eve and felt so glamorous. And who doesn't want to feel glamorous on Christmas? I did feel slightly less glamorous after I chowed down on a plate of ham, scalloped potatoes, rice pilaf, Hawaiian bread, and apple pie, but only slightly. See, there was a lace tablecloth on the table as I inhaled my food, so it was a pretty glamorous chowdown. 

I was also happy to figure out a way to look festive on Christmas Eve in this forest green jacket without having to break out the Christmas sweater that lights up or the dangly ornament ball earrings. (I may or may not have actually owned these items at one point, don't judge.) What did you wear for Christmas this year? Red or green, or neither? 

December 23, 2011

The Real Fashion Brains

Merry Merry Christmas Eve-Eve! So sorry for the lack of posts this week, but with the holidays, last-minute errands that need to be done, a full work week (boo!), and a pesky stye on my eye that has been no fun, I just haven't had a chance to take outfit photos. I stink like beef and cheese. (FAVORITE holiday movie reference there). I am very sorry, but in my place, my better, more fashionable roommate wanted to have a chance to offer a very special holiday treat for you today...a guest post! I'm heading down to LA this weekend to spend Christmas with my family, and I CAN'T WAIT! Are you reading this, Baby K? CAN'T WAIT! Happy holidays, everyone...hope your weekend is full of laughs and good eats and warm fuzzies, no matter what you do!

Hi, my name is Shumai, and I'm a 1.5-year-old Shih-tzu with more attitude than I can fit in my little 10-pound body. I guess I'm what you would consider petite, but what I lack in stature, I make up for with a whole lot of cuteness. Here I am wearing one of my favorite holiday outfits. Well, it's also one of my only holiday outfits since my mother has hangups about dogs in human clothes. I like to think it's because I'm so sophisticated, she just can't find much for me on the racks. Karl Lagerfeld, are you listening? I could use a dogwear line, if you have some extra time. Anyway...this outfit is great because it's warm and very slimming (my mom had to pull it really tight to get it closed over all my fluffy fur), and red, black, and white is such a classic color combination. Plus it's got velcro closures and a cute hood that you can't see very well, and I am all about utility in my fashion! Of course, I'm afraid the slimming effect makes my head look a little large. What do you think? Does this jacket make my head look big? Naaaah, it's just my imagination, right?

Well, I have to run...I like to do a perimeter check of our house about ten times a day just to make sure there's no food left around intruders. I hope you enjoyed my guest post because, take it from me, I am the fashion brains around here. There are many times a morning where my mom gets dressed, and I give her my best, "Seriously? You're going out in that?" look. I don't think she understands though because she gives me a pat and says, "Thanks for the help, dog!" Then I try to stop her from leaving in what she's wearing and she just says, "Aw, ShuShu, you don't want me to go to work. That's so sweet!" And I try to tell her, "No, I don't mind if you go to work, I just mind if you go to work wearing that." But I know she doesn't understand because then she gives me a treat and leaves. Sigh. I try to help her, but she doesn't listen. Oh well, as long as she keeps giving me treats, I won't complain. Happy Holidays, everyone! Give your pooches some extra love for the holiday...and tell them Shumai says, 'Sup!

December 20, 2011

Berry Much

Tunic sweater - PaperDoll on Melrose, Jeans - just usa, Shirt - H&M
My trip to Tahoe over the weekend was amazing. Even though there was only a little bit of snow, the weather was plenty cold, which gave us a great excuse to stay indoors, play cards, drink hot spiced cider and steaming mugs of cocoa, roast marshmallows, and play boardgames. I also drank scotch straight up on the rocks for the first time (talk about keeping you warm!) and felt very Mad Men-esque. All in all, it was a lovely, lovely winter getaway with friends, and I even discovered a darling little vintage shop in the teeny tiny town and scored some major finds. They will definitely require some altering, but I can't wait to show you my goodies as soon as they're ready. The Boyfriend is always so amazed that I can find a way to shop no matter where I am. Yes, it's a gift, I know.

Aaand, back to the outfit....

December 16, 2011


Blazer - F21, Top - PaperDoll on Melrose, Jeans - just usa, Boots - Urban Outfitters
Lately, I have become obsessed with cropped blazers, especially ones that are shorter in the back than they are in the front. And by obsessed, I mean obsessed. I think I now own four. Seriously, I need help. My name is KK and I'm a cropoholic. But how can I resist? They feel sophisticated and chic, and the cropped backs give the blazers just an extra touch of femininity that you don't get with a normal blazer. They're a perfect winter staple here in California, and they look great with flowy long tops over skinny jeans, which is a flattering look for any body type. Have I got you obsessed yet? I'm pretty sure I'm what they call a "bad influence" at Cropoholics Anonymous.

I'm heading up to a cabin on Lake Tahoe this weekend for a little winter getaway with friends. I'm super excited to drink hot apple cider, make rice krispie treats, and toast s'mores around the fire, but the weather is supposed to be FRIGID, so this California girl is going to find it challenging to look cute and stay warm at the same time. My Midwestern and East Coast girls, give me all the advice you've got! I'm planning on doing a lot of layering...and ingesting insane amounts of steaming cocoa to keep warm. Lake Tahoe is always so beautiful that I'm hoping to get some great photos to share with you guys next week...although, knowing me, most of my photos are going to be of the yummy treats we ingest inside of the toasty warm cabin. Have a great weekend, loves!

December 14, 2011

War Wear

Sweater - American Eagle, Jeans - just usa, Bracelet - Vintage
Over the weekend, Boyfriend and I decided to brave the malls and get a jump on our Christmas shopping. Yes, for me, shopping on December 10 means a "jump" on Christmas shopping. I knew that I needed an outfit that was going to be comfy, durable, and easy, so this striped off-the-shoulder slouchy sweater and skinny jeans were an easy choice for the battle. A long sweater, skinny jeans, and boots are pretty much my go-to outfit in the wintertime when I don't feel like fussing much with accessories.

This outfit proved to be up for the wear-and-tear of a day at the mall during Christmas time. I know I'm making it sound like I made it through war or something, but I'm not being overdramatic. Oh, it's a war, my friends. It's a war. Every year, I'm amazed at how crazy Christmas shopping can get during the two weeks before Christmas. By the end of the day, I had blisters on my heels, my arms were laden with shopping bags full of gifts, my hair was disheveled and all over the place, and I had forgotten to eat dinner. But I'm pleased to announce that I'm just one gift shy of being completely done with my Christmas list! Amazeballs, I know. And I only had to trip one grandma and elbow one little kid to do it too. It's OK. Be impressed. I'm pretty awesome. (*No actual grandmas or little kids were harmed in the writing of this blog post).

Couldn't resist playing in the blanket of leaves for a little bit.
Until I thought of the bugs that were probably living in there, and then I ran away.

December 12, 2011

I'm A Real Petite!

At my former job, my boss once affectionately dubbed me and a few other vertically challenged co-workers the "Lollipop Guild" as a joke, and I remember us all having a good laugh about it. But trust me, there are days when I feel far from laughing because of my height!

I have been a shorty pretty much my whole life, which has spawned this love-hate relationship between me and my height for years. I was always the first kid in the class line when we would walk down the halls, since we stood according to height. This was nice because I got to hold the teacher's hand. You know, back when all the girls fought to hold the teacher's hand. (Seriously, what was the matter with us?) But as I've grown older, I have to admit that the relationship has really headed more in the hate than the love direction, since I am forever hemming and tailoring my clothes to fit or simply hanging things back up on the rack because they just didn't work on a petite person. Add in the fact that I'm curvy, and I really sometimes started to feel like I should give up and wear a burlap sack with arm and leg holes cut out of it. You know, with some nice earrings and some heels. But since becoming a fashion blogger, I have been "meeting" more and more stylish petites, and it has been so inspiring!

One such inspiring bloggess is Miss Jess over at the ever-awesome Stylepint blog.  Recently, she has been doing this fabulous series on petite bloggers, and I'm so honored to be up as the featured petite today. Definitely hop over and check it out, as well as the series, and Jess's amazing blog!


Top, Skirt - F21, Tights - Vera Wang, Shoes, ModCloth, Jacket - Nordstrom
Camel is one of my favorite colors when it comes to clothes. There is just something so sophisticated about its neutral, yet totally not boring tone, and it instantly adds just a touch of class to any ensemble. A lot of times, you can substitute a black piece for a camel piece, and see how your outfit just sort of comes alive. I wore this outfit to work, and while a black pencil skirt would have been the safe and easy (and boring) choice, I think the camel skirt gives my outfit a little "oomph." And who doesn't want "oomph" if they can have "oomph." Never miss a genuine opportunity for real "oomph" because "oomph" is the difference between an OK outfit and  a fabulous one. "Oomph" is also a really fun word to say, in case you couldn't tell. "Oomph." "Ooomph!" OK, I'm done. "Oomph." One more. "Oomph" OK, seriously done.  Oomph.

December 7, 2011

Flutterly Glamorous

Dress - Lulu*s, Belt, Bracelet - Vintage, Shoes - Dollhouse, Earrings - ModCloth
Aaaaand my love affair with burnt orange continues! I absolutely love the giant chiffon flutter sleeves on this dress...there's just something about a dress that sort of floats as you move that makes me think of old Hollywood glamour. I only wish the bottom of this dress was fluttering as well, but unfortunately, I had a mad attack of static cling when I took these pictures. I was rushing to Boyfriend's work dinner party, so I didn't have time to run back home to solve the problem before photos. I figured static cling photos were still better than no photos at all. Hopefully you think I'm right!

OK, back to the outfit. I love how perfect for fall this outfit turned out to be. The dress called for a belt, but I didn't want to break up the color too much, so I went for a vintage, stretchy, gold belt that did the trick and allowed me to skimp on accessories since I didn't want to overdo the gold. I have to admit though, I'm not loving my shoes in this outfit. Were you thinking that too? (I know you were, Baby K!) See, what I wanted to wear this dress with were perfect nude patent leather pumps. But of course I have been searching desperately for said shoes for months now but have been unsuccessful. So I was forced to make do with these shoes instead. I can't wait to do over this outfit once I find them. We're not too old for do-overs, right? Or take-backs? Or jinxes? Or shotgun? Or for eating an entire bag of Christmas candy instead of lunch and then feeling sick afterward? Good. I didn't think so.

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