May 20, 2013

Best Pants Ever

Pants - H&M ($17.95!), Tank - Boutique, Sweater - Target
I have literally found THE most amazing pants ever. How did I never realize before exactly HOW comfortable harem pants are? They're like pajama pants that you can wear out. I think I always shied away from them because I felt that as a curvy girl, the last thing I needed was to wear balloony pants. But I. Was. So. Wrong. These pants are flattering and way fun, and the high waist helps petite girls like me look more long-legged (who can say no to that?). They have now become my go-to choice of pants for traveling on planes, for road trips, for errands, well, pretty much for everything. I should seriously buy another pair just so I can have a pair to wear while I wash these. Those harem girls sure knew what they were doing. Do they still have harems? Because I'd consider joining just for the pants. 


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