May 15, 2013


Tank - H&M, Skirt - LC, Necklace - Santee, Watch - Target 
So sorry for the unexpected hiatus. My job has been kicking my rear end as of late, and I ended up working long hours and doing a lot of traveling, which left little time for outfit posting! But things have slowed down now (praise Jesus), and I'm excited to be back. The weather is still doing this weird up and down thing here in California (it's supposed to be in the 90s today and then raining tomorrow), so dressing appropriately for the weather has been semi-challenging. I love high-low skirts for transitional weather, and this coral one is one of my current faves. Grey is a neutral color that I keep forgetting to incorporate more into my wardrobe, but I love how it gives me a chance to rock a bright colored skirt AND a bright statement necklace at the same time. My goal for this season is to buy some more basics (like this gray tank) to mix together with the brightly colored clothes that seem to dominate my closet.

By the way, can I tell you that I think my entire outfit here (shoes included) costs less than $50?? Gotta love when my bargain hunting pays off. Hope you guys are having a fabulous week!

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