July 29, 2013

The Hunt

Top - F21, Heels - Zara, Necklace - BaubleBar
I think it was last spring when Zara released a gorgeous pique short-sleeved white peplum top. But as with so many things that Zara releases, the top was quickly sold out, and I cried. Okay, so I didn't really CRY cry like the way I do at the end of Karate Kid I when Daniel wins the tournament with the crane kick and yells, "Mr. Miyagi! We did it Mr. Miyagi, we did it!" as Mr. Miyagi smiles proudly (gosh, that scene gets me EVERY time). But I did weep a bit on the inside. Like when I found out that Channing Tatum had a baby and my master plans for stealing him away from his girl evaporated. But I digress.

I'm not one to give up when I'm on the hunt for a fashion acquisition (remember this?), so I wasn't going to give up searching for a short-sleeved white peplum top. Well, unfortunately, Zara never re-released the top, so I wasn't able to buy the original, but I found a very similar version at a GIANT new Forever 21 in San Luis Obispo, of all places. I snatched it up right away and couldn't be happier with the results of my tenacity and persistence. Now if only I could channel this never-give-up-never-surrender attitude toward something more productive...like work or the gym...

1 comment:

Jenna R. said...

Love this! These shoes further make me weep for not having a Zara anywhere near :(


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