October 3, 2012

Fashion Quest

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Ever since Isabel Marant introduced these amazeballs strappy sandals, I have been obsessed. Unfortunately, I really have no good place to wear these bad boys, unless one of you readers out there wants to invite me to a swankified, couture-worthy soiree. Any takers? Any? Any at all? Sigh. Where's a good red carpet when you need one?

Anyway, when I was in D.C. last month, I saw tons...and I mean TONS...of young fashionable girls rocking gladiator sandals with similar ankle chain straps, and I fell in LOVE.  I saw them in black, in blush, in white, in denim. They were perfect! I mean, gladiator sandals, I can do even in my non-exciting, non-glamorous life. Unless you consider munching on homemade fruit ice pops while sitting on my couch, eyes glued to the Once Upon A Time season premier glamorous. But I digress.

When I returned to California, I set out on a quest to find these gladiator sandals, and I have been searching high and low ever since. Alas, my quest has been unfruitful and nary a boutique in the land had a pair for me (I NEED to stop watching Once Upon A Time). Ahem. It seems that these shoes are all over Europe, but the US has yet to catch up. Darn that Katie Middleton-Land and its fashion forward princess! Anyway, I'm asking all you fashionistas out there if you know where I can pick up a pair of these gorgeous shoes. I figure I can still rock them for at least another month here in California (where we've got a high of about 98 degrees today), so I'm trying to find them as quickly as I can.

What do you guys think? Am I crazy to love these?

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Rebcca said...

Try typing in "gladiator flat sandal" in sites like amazon and ebay. They have tons of options for the flats you're looking for. Hope that helped!

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