April 29, 2013

In the Emerald City

Top - Vince Camuto, Belt - Banana Republic, Skirt - Vintage
Almost exactly a year ago, a long treasure hunt for a vintage green pencil skirt ended in a teeny thrift/vintage shop in North Lake Tahoe. I'm not sure why I craved a green skirt like this at the time, but when I heard that emerald green was THE color for the spring season, I unabashedly patted myself on the back for being so fashion forward. Sure, it's possible that I'm such a shopaholic that my desire for a green pencil skirt stemmed from nothing more than an obsession to own things in all colors, but I'll pretend that it's actually because I'm just so ahead of my time.  I've been planning all sorts of ways to wear this skirt, but I knew my first foray for the season had to include my new leopard skinny belt. I love how emerald and leopard complement each other. It should have been a cowardly leopard that went to see the Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City, not a cowardly lion, dontcha think? Of course, if someone's got a lion print belt out there, I'll stand corrected. 

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