September 12, 2013


Tank - ?, Skirt - H&M, Watch - Michael Kors
I know, I know, it's September and it's fall, but when the weather is warm and summery, I'm going to dress like it's summer y'all. If Mother Nature didn't get the memo, then I'm not going to remind her. I have been waiting to recreate this look I saw on Pinterest a long while back. I love the fuschia-navy stripe combo, so I just did the inverse since I already had the pieces. That's the great thing about Pinterest. You can take something you see and put your own spin on it. You can also, you know, learn how to build like a car or something with pipe cleaners, chalkboard paint, some twine, and other household items you never thought about.


Dary said...

I have the same problem, living in Arizona! I want to start thinking about Fall but when it's still in the 100s boots and scarves are the last thing on my mind :)

Z said...

Wow looks like you recreated the look almost perfectly! I love that idea of look-inspiration :]

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