December 20, 2010

Eye Love Peacocks!

Cardigan - ModCloth. Scarf - ModCloth. Jeans, Tank - F21. Boots - Steve Madden.

I know that everyone is really into owl-themed fashion right now, but for some reason, I just find myself so into peacocks still! I love the brilliant combination of colors that peacock feathers just naturally encompass, plus I love how every peacock accessory I own looks totally different. I now have built up my collection to include a peacock feather headband I made (I'll post photos in a future post!), and three peacock accessories I got from ModCloth: this scarf, this bracelet, and these earrings. I'm thinking of adding this necklace to my collection, but am stilling mulling it over. I don't want to become a crazy bird lady. Well, any more than I am already anyway.

A cardigan, jeans, boots, and a scarf is a go-to Fall/Winter outfit for me. I love how scarves are functional but can make any outfit go from boring to exciting.

I will shamefully admit that I own about 50 scarves. And I find myself continually eyeing them whenever I'm in a store, despite how many I already own! It's probably because they are a more inexpensive way to bring home a little happy from the mall than buying a pair of shoes or new clothes.

Oh well, if I end up on shopping my way out of house and home, at least I can sew the scarves together to make a blanket when I'm on the street.

HA! Just kidding. Yeah, right. I have no idea how to sew.


Eunie_K said...

love the outfit and the peacock scarf is just darling! boots/jeans/sweaters are my total go-to outfit in the winter too :)

KK said...

@Eunie_K aw, thanks, Miss E! yes, expect to see a lot more jeans + boots + sweaters on this blog! :)

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