November 14, 2011

Awesome Autumn

Jacket - Gap, Dress - F21, Boots - Steve Madden, Scarf - Gifted
Happy Monday, everyone! OK, that sentence looks a lot peppier than I feel on Monday mornings, but I'm trying to convince myself that I feel positive, so that I might actually feel positive eventually. Seriously, tricking yourself works. Especially when you're trying to trick yourself that you absolutely need that new mustard color pencil skirt, despite the fact that well...actually you probably don't need it. I trick myself a lot, in case you were wondering, as is evidenced by my bursting closet.

This past weekend was a great and relaxing one. My parents surprised me with a last minute visit, so the weekend was filled with good food, great family time, and a trip up to the mountains to see some autumn leaves (my mom's favorite fall activity). If it wasn't for my mom, I don't think I would have noticed how absolutely amazingly gorgeous the fall foliage really is right now around here. The trees are just dripping with leaves that are a mix of bright greens, vibrant oranges, brilliant reds, and deep yellows. It was truly breathtaking. Who knew what autumn could be so awesome?

Since I knew I couldn't compete with the beautiful hues of nature, I decided to go with a kind of rustic, fall look for the day. You may remember how I wore this dress for the spring here, and I love how it totally transitioned easily for fall by adding a few pieces. I'm thinking it might be harder to push this dress into winter as well, but I might challenge myself to try it, just to see if I can do it.

Do you have dresses that you're able to wear all year round? If so, how do you do it?

*Thanks to my dad for taking these outfit photos. He has no understanding of what a blog is or why I do it, but he was happy to be my fashion photographer for the day. Love him!


Jersey Blogess said...

I am sooo loving the dress - and if I could wear a jean jacket every single day, I would - it just goes well with everything.

Anonymous said...

You styled it perfectly for fall! It just goes to show how much versatility a great piece like that has. Your outfit makes me want to Google vintage dresses immediately! And also pink scarves. Why do I not have a scarf that exact shade of pink in my closet?

~Lara~ said...

This is cute, girly! Very fun fall outfit! :)

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