November 11, 2011

Working the Basics

Jacket - F21, Blouse - H&M, Skirt - Ann Taylor, Belt - Target, Shoes - Chinese Laundry, Earrings - ModCloth
Happy Friday, everyone! And for Friday's edition of BSMMH, we've got a work outfit. I wanted to spend today's post continuing my constant mission to encourage everyone to not let working for corporate America completely stifle their personal style. I swear it's possible to look cute and professional at the same time, if you're willing to get a little creative...and to push the envelope at work just a little. With this outfit, I took the absolute bare workwear basics, a crisp white tailored button down and black pencil skirt, because I knew those were pieces everyone would have in their closets. Truth be told, when I put just the blouse and skirt on, I looked very much like a waitress. So I added a bright colored belt, some super high heels, some vintagey sparkly earrings from ModCloth, and a bright colored jacket...and voila! No more waitress, no more boring corporate drone, no more depressing work outfit. I honestly feel like this bright but professional outfit gave me a little extra attitude for work today, which I sorely needed after the draining week I've had!

What do you think? How do you keep your work outfits from being boring?


Annie said...

Ohhh I LOVE this! The red belt with the neutral colors & blacks looks amazing :)

The Other Side of Gray

Bre said...

Too funny I feel like a waitress in a basic white button up with a black skirt as well. I am digging your light green trench for sure!

TaraMixandMatch said...

I love your's such a pretty color and looks fab on you!
Mix and Match Fashion

Anonymous said...

I love what you've done! Oddly enough, sometimes I just want to look classic and simple at work. Can't go wrong with a white blouse and pencil skirt. I love the pop of color in the belt. It's all about the accessories to jazz up an outfit! Now I really, really want an orange belt... :)

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