November 29, 2011

Rustic it Out

Dress, Necklace - Vintage, Belt - Macy*s , Boots - ModCloth, Watch - Target
Oh my goodness, I have been the worst blogger ever the past week, and I am here to offer my sincerest apologies! Between the holiday, a crazy week at work, preparing for two back-to back craft fairs for "the soapery," aaaand fighting a nasty chest cold, I just haven't had a chance to post any outfits. I hope you forgive me because I was thinking of you the whole time!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. Mine was full of good food and good company, which is the best kind of holiday. The weather in LA was unbelievably warm (it hit 80 degrees on Sunday), so I got a chance to wear some cute summer-to-fall transition pieces that I hadn't had a chance to post on the blog yet. I love this vintage tent dress, with its cute Mandarin collar and casual floral print. There is just something so rustic and fall about it (especially with my new favorite boots!), so it was a perfect choice for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It also gave me a chance to rock this new rose gold colored watch that I got for a steal at Target. Rose gold is so sophisticated and chic. You can wear it with an outfit that you might normally wear gold with, but it gives it such a different look. I can't wait to wear this watch with all sorts of outfits!

Did some shopping in LA over the holiday weekend, of course. I suppose by now that you know me well enough to know that that statement is about as obvious as me saying that I breathed this weekend. But I did avoid the Black Friday shopping frenzy and stuck to supporting some of my favorite independently-owned boutiques instead. Black Friday scares me. All those crowds, and the stress, and the waiting, and the competing for purchases. I couldn't believe it when I heard about the woman who pepper sprayed people in Walmart to get her hands on an XBox. Wow. I would never do that. For an XBox. Now, for the perfect leather pencil skirt or a new Louis Vuitton bag? No comment.


Annie said...

What a pretty dress!

The Other Side of Gray

Anonymous said...

This is the fun part about that whole job-thing. When it's holiday time, blogging sometimes comes second. Don't feel bad. I did ONE post last week, and I barely eeked that out Thanksgiving morning.

I can't believe you got that watch at Target! I've had my eye on a Michael Kors one for $250, but maybe I may have to go make a quick Target trip this evening... (as if I needed an excuse)

Jersey Blogess said...

cute dress. the boots fit you perfect.

KK said...

@Annie Thanks, girl! And it was under $10!
@smalltownbigwardrobe Thanks for making me feel better about being a bad blogger! And I was totally lusting after that rose gold Michael Kors watch TOO, but this Target one is a steal!
@JerseyBlogess Thanks, girl!

Anonymous said...

The print on that dress is so pretty, and I love those new boots of yours :)

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