December 14, 2011

War Wear

Sweater - American Eagle, Jeans - just usa, Bracelet - Vintage
Over the weekend, Boyfriend and I decided to brave the malls and get a jump on our Christmas shopping. Yes, for me, shopping on December 10 means a "jump" on Christmas shopping. I knew that I needed an outfit that was going to be comfy, durable, and easy, so this striped off-the-shoulder slouchy sweater and skinny jeans were an easy choice for the battle. A long sweater, skinny jeans, and boots are pretty much my go-to outfit in the wintertime when I don't feel like fussing much with accessories.

This outfit proved to be up for the wear-and-tear of a day at the mall during Christmas time. I know I'm making it sound like I made it through war or something, but I'm not being overdramatic. Oh, it's a war, my friends. It's a war. Every year, I'm amazed at how crazy Christmas shopping can get during the two weeks before Christmas. By the end of the day, I had blisters on my heels, my arms were laden with shopping bags full of gifts, my hair was disheveled and all over the place, and I had forgotten to eat dinner. But I'm pleased to announce that I'm just one gift shy of being completely done with my Christmas list! Amazeballs, I know. And I only had to trip one grandma and elbow one little kid to do it too. It's OK. Be impressed. I'm pretty awesome. (*No actual grandmas or little kids were harmed in the writing of this blog post).

Couldn't resist playing in the blanket of leaves for a little bit.
Until I thought of the bugs that were probably living in there, and then I ran away.


Stylepint said...

You are absolutely from now until Christmas is a total frenzy! Still, despite all look so chic and comfy in that sweater! =)

Jersey Blogess said...

this is so cute and looks comfy.

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