April 17, 2012

Crazy Love

Tank - Mall store, Scarf - Gifted, Belt- Vintage, Pants - Urban Outfitters, Watch - Frock Candy
Back in the fall, I saw a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker in a magazine where she was rocking a tank top and a scarf, and I thought to myself, "That looks weird. And I LOVE it." I mean, it seems a bit odd to me to wrap something warm around your neck while your arms are all bare, but the idea of being able to wear my scarves (I am obsessed with scarves!) even in the warmer months has gotten me all giddy. A scarf always adds a little extra oomph to an outfit and can be used to add some color, or to break up coordinating colors. Plus, it keeps your neck warm (obvi) and somehow keeping your neck warm does wonders for keeping the rest of your body warm, making a jacket pretty unnecessary. A fashion accssory that's also functional? Well, that's just crazy talk.               

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Clara Turbay said...

Interesting and inspiring!

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