April 4, 2012

Rest for the Weary

Sweater - Dorothy Perkins, Tank - H&M, Jeans - justusa, Jewelry - Vintage
I'm baaaaaaaack.

I'm sorry for my absence! I have been dealing with a debilitating cold (for the THIRD time in four months) that pretty much knocked me flat on my back like a semi truck. But I'm BACK, and finally feeling like myself again. I have been spending the last few days holed up at home in the evenings, enjoying hot soups, napping, cuddling with my pup, and catching up on loads of TV. The one good thing about being sick is that you don't feel guilty about spending most of your time resting or being lazy. I feel like I spend so much time on the go, go, go most days, that I have forgotten how nice it is to have time to just veg. Vegging always used to make me feel unproductive, but I realize (especially when my body decides to shut down like it did last week) that recharging your bodies' batteries is necessary, not an indulgence.

Took these outfit photos before my immune system decided to take a nose dive, so here I am looking happy and healthy. This sweater is one of my new faves. I loved pairing kind of a classy, feminine piece with edgy black leather boots. I also love how the sweater has gold threads running through it to match the buttons (sorry you can't tell that well in the photos).

Anyway, I hope you all spend some time this week just kicking back, resting, and enjoying some down time. I am going to try not to forget how important it is to rest every once in a while!

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