April 27, 2012

Neon Me

Lace top - F21, Tank - gifted, Skirt - old?, Sandals - Aeropostale, Bracelets - CostPlus, Watch - Frock Candy
I remember that when the neon trend began popping up in stores, I was beyond hesitant to try it. I mean, i was around in the 1980s when neon was a big trend (I even rocked neon socks, baby!), and I tend to shy away from wearing trends that I wore the first time they came around because it makes me feel old. But then I realized that neon has been popping up from time to time since the 1960s, and I can't fight something that has the power to transcend that much time. So I'll probably rocking neon the next time it rolls around, even if I'm 90. Can't you just picture me with my neon pink walker and maybe some neon yellow orthopedic shoes? Yep, I plan to be one stylin' granny.

Big props to my sis for finding this tank top in my size (and for getting me neon green and pink too!). I searched everywhere for neon camisoles and could only find them in "one size fits all" for teens. There is no way that a teen tank top is going to fit me, so I had almost given up when my sis bought me these. I don't know what it says about me that I am looking for an item that apparently only teens wear, but I'm trying not to think about that. I can only imagine how much harder it will be to find neon-wear as a granny. Why don't they have clothes for people who are young at heart?

This weekend is expected to include a lot of errand-running, some dim sum with friends, a round of golf, and cooking dinner for the Boyfriend's family on Sunday night. Amid all that, I'm hoping to hit up my favorite vintage shop (it's been weeks since I've been!) and catch up on some movies that have been languishing in my Netflix queue. I know, I know. Weekends are supposed to be about rest, and I always seem to jampack them. Will I never learn? Hope you all have a great one!


Anonymous said...

I love your tweet about this - and I think you should rock neon forever! Looks fabulous on you. As a fellow 80s child, it's been slightly easier for me to embrace neon this time around minus the scrunchies and stirrup leggings (although come on, those were the most comfortable things EVER).

Bre said...

What were you in the 80's? Two? Ha ha. I love neon and I was around for a few years in the 80's. I think you look great!

Suzie Q said...

You look so summer ready! Great neon touch with the lacy top.

Suzie Q
Style Cue by Suzie Q
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Clara Turbay said...

Great look and good taste!

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