April 20, 2012


Top - Gap, Skirt, Purse - Vintage, Shoes - Ferragamo
So there I go again, breaking another fashion rule for curvy girls. I feel like it's the one fashion rule that everyone knows: black is slimming, white is...well, not. But what can I do when I absolutely love how wearing white on white looks? I picked up this gorgeous tweed vintage pencil skirt in San Luis Obispo and loved how it had little metallic threads running through it to keep it from being too plain. I knew when I saw it that I wanted to try rocking it with white on top, despite all of the chants of "Not slimming! Not slimming! Not slimming!" that were going on in my head. Fact: my inner fashion advisor sounds a bit like a parrot. But I'm good at ignoring inner voices, like the ones that say, "Eating that last piece of cake is probably not going to get you into those new jeans you bought" or "I'm pretty sure you don't need another pair of shoes, do you really need to get those?" Wait, that last one isn't my inner voice...that's my BF's voice. Luckily, I'm also adept at ignoring real voices.

So I went for the white-on-white look, and while it may not be slimming, I still think it's pretty. Plus, it gave me a chance to wear my absolute favorite pair of shoes, which I scraped together all my money to buy when I got my first real job after college. Yeah, I ignored an entire SYMPHONY of inner voices on that one. Told you I'm good at it.

Heading to Vegas for a quick weekend getaway tonight, and I can NOT wait. The weather is forecasted to be in the 90s, so I envision a lot of laying out by the pool and sipping on icy blended drinks. I also plan to try my luck at the tables, since I could always use a new pair of shoes. Aaaaand yep, there go those voices again. Oh, pipe down, will you!

Have a great weekend!


Rachel Frend said...

Fashion rules are meant to be broken. I say if you feel fab in it, wear it! Good luck at the tables in Vegas!

RL said...

you look awesome

LadyLo said...

white hot! hope you won BIG in vegas :) xxLL

Anonymous said...

nice outfit, looks really good on u =)

Ioana-Carmen said...

Wooow you look amazing <3

Wanna follow each other? Regards!


Irina said...

great look!


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