October 28, 2011

Chao, May-Ah-Mee

Dress - Vintage
By my last night in Miami, my feet were killing me and my legs were just as sore from all the walking in heels I had done, so I just had to opt for an outfit I could wear with flat sandals. There's something about the bright colors of this dress and tropical print that just screams Miami to me, so it was an easy choice for my night on the town. We gorged on giant stone crab claws and then went bar hopping on Ocean Drive. I've worn this dress before here, but I remixed it a little with different accesories this time, which I think subtly changes the whole look. Sorry for the lack of a lot of photos on this one, but the lighting was so terrible, and they had called our name (after a two hour wait!) for our seat for stone crab, so we dashed like a bullet for our seats the minute we could. Well, I hobbled like a faulty heat seaking missle, but you get the idea.

To make up for the lack of photos, I will leave you today with some food porn from Miami. Hope you all have a great weekend, loves!

Stone crab!

Biggest Cuban potato balls I've ever seen...like twice the size of the Porto's version in Burbank
Ridiculously pricey, but gorgeous, dim sum
Crispy skin pork

Prettiest gelato displays I'ev ever seen


Jersey Blogess said...

cute dress - Love all the colors - and that food looks amazing! Yum!

Jessica Shofler said...

Cute!! And of course I love the food pictures!

Anonymous said...

I want to go to Miami just to see that gelato. Amazing.

I love your dress! It's so bright and so much fun! I love how you styled it - and I actually think it looks great with flats!

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