October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, my dears! I hope your day is full of sweet candy, funny costumes, and feeling like a kid again. I'm planning on spending my day ingesting a SCARY amount of chocolate and remembering that calories don't count on Halloween.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, partly because I am a HUGE horror movie buff and partly because I love how Halloween is a great chance to be creative and, hello, dress up! I love dressing up on a regular day, and here is a whole day that's devoted putting together a fabulous outfit and letting others enjoy it. Loves it! The one thing I don't particularly like about Halloween is how it's become the one day a year that girls feel like they can wear next to nothing (or nothing) and get away with it. I mean, I don't have a problem with showing a little skin if it's a necessary part of the costume, but wearing nothing just because you can is a bit lazy. Last year, I saw a girl who was just wearing Saran Wrap as her costume. Um, what? Really, people, we can try a little harder, can't we?

To celebrate the day, I compiled some photos of my costumes from the past few years. You can see that I am very unconcerned with being sexy in my costumes. I am all about the funny homemade costume! I have more fun making the costume than I do wearing it, and for me, that's what Halloween fun is all about. Hope you guys enjoy and have a fabulous day!

Spelling Bees 
We wanted to do something a little more fun than just bees, so we carried around dictionaries, cut out the "B...E...E" from felt and stuck puffy letter stickers on our yellow craft T-shirts. We made the antennae out of styrofoam, paint, pipecleaners and plain headbands. Even with our shoes and leggings, this costume cost less than $20.

Bright yellow galoshes that we got on clearance at Target that I still wear and LOVE.

Burger King & Whopper Jr.
The Boyfriend wanted to be the "King," so I decided to we his Whopper Jr. I glued pieces of felt that I cut and painted onto a large T-shirt to look like a cheeseburger.  I pinned the T-shirt in the back, tied up the sleeves with ribbon and made a cheeseburger dress. The whole costume cost me less than $7.

Gold Digger & Millionaire

I got tired of seeing all these gold-digger costumes at the store where the girl was the "digger," so we went for a less sexist, homemade version. Together, our version cost about $10 to $15.

I bought the accessories as part of a costume kit, wore a suit I had, and made the dollar signs out of felt and glitter.

I spray painted an old shirt and pants, glued glitter all over it, spray painted a plastic baseball hat and attached a WORKING tap light that I also spray painted. The shovel I made out of poster board and a wrapping paper roll.


Sylvie said...

i love the costumes, so much better than cliche ones! xxx

Olivia said...

I couldn't agree more! Your DIY costumes are much better than the Slutty _______ (insert character or occupation costume). I want to try to DIY Kermit & Miss Piggy next year.

Yara Simón said...

I absolutely agree about girls wearing very little clothes on Halloween. I much prefer creative ones. And the gold digger one was perfect.

clementine* said...

omg finally we get to see your bf!! i've always wondered who he was ;) i totally love your costumes. this was the first year i've dressed up in almost 10 years... and i only slightly dressed up. i wore a vintage dress that looks like its a tennis dress, but def vintage. the last time i dressed up i wore my brother's 1970's cub scouts uniform to my friend's neighbor's party so i could steal their beer. i was 19.

p.s. its a universal fact that here are no calories on halloween. this has been a PSA

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