October 25, 2011

Extending Summer

Tank - F21, Shorts - Old Navy, Jewelry - Vintage, Ring - gifted from sister
I'm back, back, back, from Miami! It was an amazing whirlwind of a trip, with a lot of sun and beachtime, great food, and lots of summery fruity drinks. The weather was warm and tropical, and I got to pretend it was summer for the full four days I was there. Since I was pretending anyway, I thought I would go on a last bright colorblocking hurrah by pairing this bright orange tank with yellow shorts and a turquoise ring. One of the great things about Miami was that there seemed to be absolutely no fashion rules, and the people loved to wear bright colors, giant jewelry, and giant stiletto heels.  I did a lot of walking most of the time I was there, so I ended up sticking to flip-flops most days because I'm a wuss practical.  This is why I need a segway. So I can be fashionable and still feel my toes by the end of the day. Come on, you know you sometimes want one too. Imagine the possibilities. Double the shopping in the same amount of time. Yes, please!

The hotel we stayed in, the Fontaine Bleau, was absolutely amazing, with its creative design, vintage elements (like the original bow-tie tile floor), and stunning decor. It also had great amenities, including upscale and award-winning restaurants, a gorgeous bar and nightclub, not to mention, ten pools and a private beach, which was my idea of heaven.  Besides, there was something so special about knowing that I was staying at a hotel that celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and Lucille Ball once stayed in. I love my hotels like I love my vintage clothing, with a lot of history and character.

Original bowtie tile floor and staircase to nowhere

One of many gorgeous chandeliers all over the lobby

Love the clean, beachy color schemes of the rooms.

LIV Nightclub where I saw Lil Jon and Foster the People perform
I'll be spending the rest of the week posting a few more Miami pics, so stay tuned!

View from a lounge chair on the hotel's private beach.


Anonymous said...

Orange FTW!

And I could disappear in that last pic. Preferably for at least two weeks.

ms.composure said...

gr8 pictures!!! and i am loving that orange color!!


~Lara~ said...

Such a fun use of color!!! Sounds like you had a great time too :)

KK said...

@smalltownbigwardrobe HAHA, see? I will be your fellow orange warrior until everyone loves it as much as we do! =)

@ms. composure Thank you! Orange is one of my absolute faves.

@lara Thanks, Lara! I did!

Jersey Blogess said...

New Fan - Hope you dont mind - I love the yellow with red - I been wanting to try that, but have not been bold to do it just yet - but I will surprise myself one of these days :)
Check out my blog when you have time. Thanks.


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