October 5, 2011


Shirt, Shorts - H&M, Shoes - F21, Necklace - Target
Thanks for all of your supportive comments about my soap products! I'm happy to share that the craft fair I participated in was a great success, and people absolutely loved my soapy goodies. I'll post some photos from the craft show later this week. The best thing about this labor of love is the extra money that I earn with it. For whatever reason, I feel like the money I earn from selling my soap can be used exclusively for shopping, and I already put that theory to the test last night when I found some amazing deals on high-waisted silky trousers and a pair of adorable lace-up boots. Because it's all about the shopping, people. Check the name of the blog!

This outfit feels like a bit of a departure from what I normally wear, but I ended up loving how it felt. Because I always end up gravitating toward flowy and loose pieces, which are a curvy girl's best friend, I was kind of intrigued by this structured tuxedo-style tank top. Sometimes you need a little structure, I think...and I like changing things up whenever I can. I can totally see myself wearing this top with layers like blazers and sweaters through the fall, and I'm excited to see how I can style it for work as well. For it's debut though, I liked going classy, pairing it with neutral colors and gold jewelry.

Do you guys find yourselves looking for flowy pieces or pieces with more structure?


Olivia said...

I definitely prefer structure over flowly, I think flowy is very pretty but on my body I end up look bigger and not slimmer. Structured blazers are my go-to item! I love this look- crushing on your shoes!

Liv @ bklynlifestyle.blogspot.com

clementine* said...

i love that top! and those shorts are awesome. i love how you can pull off heels and shorts, i feel weird doing it.

i like pieces that are both flowy and structured at the same time.

KK said...

Aw, thanks, ladies! Your comments made me feel better, because truth-be-told, this wasn't an outfit I ended up loving and I even questioned putting it on the blog. Do you guys ever have that moment? Thanks for the affirmation!

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