January 6, 2012


Top - F21, Jeans - just usa, Necklace - Target

Again, sorry for the graininess of the photos...I think I just hit a stretch of bad lighting and for some reason, Blogger is making it worse. Bear with me! I'll figure this out eventually, I promise.

This outfit is a total departure from my normal style and really brought me out of my comfort zone, which I loved. It's a new year, and one of my style resolutions is to not be afraid to try looks that I'm not completely comfortable with. How often do you say something like, "That's a really cute look, but I could never wear it"? I say this all. the. time. I wanted to try and challenge myself this year by saying, "that's a really cute look, I think I'll try it." I'm also trying to challenge myself in 2012 by saying things like, "I'm going to wake up on time for work" and "I'm going to sleep at a decent hour instead of staying up all night watching Mad Men on Netflix," but those are another story.

Here are the reasons why it was hard for me to wear this outfit: a) I hate buttoning things up to my neck. I'm a curvy girl, and button ups tend to make me look a bit busty and kind of uncomfortable. I also hate having things rubbing against my neck if I can help it. b) I'm a tucker. That's right, I admitted it. I like to tuck feminine tops like this one in, and it was excruciating mildly difficult to keep it untucked all day. c) I have never been one to wear necklaces over my clothes. It's not my fashion rule, per se...just a custom that I've adhered to. Necklaces (except long ones) aren't worn over clothes for me. But I wanted to challenge myself, so I put this outfit on...and I loved it! The fact that it was a bit different made it exciting, and wearing a different style made me feel fresh and a little sassy. I think I'm going to keep challenging myself to try different styles that I like, despite how (un)comfortable I feel with them. How is your style supposed to evolve if you don't give it a little room to grow? 

Boyfriend and I are headed down to the Central Coast with the pup for a little weekend getaway to fight off the post-Holiday blues. Most of our dating actually happened down there while he was still in school, so it will be fun to go back and visit our old haunts, feast on delicious clam chowder, and relax at the beach. The weather will be in the 70s down there (yay!) which makes it a bit challenging to figure out what is appropriate warm winter wear, but I think it will be totally worth it.

What do you think, open toes appropriate for January if it's warm?


missveraaaaa said...

just dropping by to say hi :)

keep bloggin' !


cindy said...

i hate buttoning things up to my neck too...and turtlenecks. they make me feel like i'm choking. BUT i think the way you paired that necklace length with the button up shirt in that specific yellow color kind of tricks the eye so it opens things up a bit. so cute, K!

StyleIDnet said...

cute Necklace.... also love the color of your shirt, so trendy right now.

KK said...

@missveraaaaa Thanks for visiting!
@cindy I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like stuff at my neck. And harem pants? Girl, you would rock them so much better than I would...even with Baby Boy in there! :)
@styleIDnet Thanks, hun! I'm OBSESSED with mustard yellow, lately!

makeupstyleup said...

Hi, your blog is awesome. I really like it.
You got a new reader. :)


~Lara~ said...

I'm glad to see someone doing (if even only once) one of their resolutions! lol Cute top! I like the necklace layered on top!

maygan said...

love this look on you! The colors are awsome and the whole thing really works well together. Those are things I tend to try to stay away from as well. As a fellow short & curvy girl, I'm thrilled to see you taking even more risks. Seeing what you do gives me confidence to try new things too & I'm thankful for that.

open toe shoes are always fine when it's warm enough for them, even in winter ;)

clementine* said...

That shirt is super cute and looks great on you, I'm glad you stepped out of your comfort zone! Also a really pretty color.

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