January 24, 2012

Moving On Up

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When I was searching for the picture of the moving boxes above, I could not believe how many photos I found of happy, laughing, relaxed-looking individuals, couples, and families packing. Um, what? Who are these people? Am I doing this wrong? Because there has been no laughing going on in my household as I pack up my place. There's been a lot of yelling, a lot of stomping, a lot of dramatic throwing of the hands in the air and crying, and a lot of crawling under a blanket and hoping someone will pack for me, but not a lot of perfect smiles, clean clothes, or gleeful taping of boxes. Moving day is just a couple of days away and, of course, I am nowhere near done packing. I'm pretty sure it's going to take about four days just to move my closet, so this is going to be a slow process. Luckily, I'm just moving down the street, so I don't have to completely lose my mind. Yet.

Sincere apologies for the lack of outfit post today, but please see above about the yelling and stomping. I decided instead to share with you guys some things that I am obsessing over and dreaming about as I lie under a pile of unpacked boxes. Yes, I'm still whining. These are some items on my wishlist (are you reading this, Boyfriend?), and as you can see, all I have on the brain this week is food, fashion, and home decor. Wait, that's all I have on the brain every week (whoops, stop reading this, Boyfriend!).

Lately, I'm completely obsessed with sparkly bib necklaces like these from Bauble Bar. They're perfect statement pieces for strapless dresses, scoop neck blouses, or even collared shirts (wear them under OR over the collar!). They dress up any casual outfit instantly and add that "oomph" I'm so fond of.
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I can not get enough when it comes to nude-colored shoes! My sis showed me a pair of patent leather ballerina flats a few weeks ago, and I have been on the hunt ever since for the perfect pair. Thanks to reader Rebcca for helping on the hunt...these gorgeous puppies are mine as of last night!

I'm also obsessing over the Steve Madden Viktoree Mary Janes below. So sassy and fun, and I love the pairing of a sophisticated color with the fun and funky shoe. Can think of tons of ways to wear them, and they would make me SO TALL I could probably reach the top shelf of my kitchen. With a stool.

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I am loving the assymetrical skirt trend, especially ones that are high in the front and low in the back, making them perfect and surprising transition pieces from season to season. I've been looking everywhere for the perfect one, and this bright colored one is so fun that it's pretty close to perfect. Plus, you know how I feel about orange hues. T.R.U.E. L.O.V.E.

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This buttery white leather couch is one I'm considering buying for my new place. Did I mention I am loving the excuse to replace a lot of my furniture? Lately, I've been totally drawn to this sort of retro style (the couch is more white than in the photo), which is so different from the style I picked when I bought my current furniture years ago. This couch makes me want to wear a long, glamorous satin evening dress, plait my hair and just lounge on the furniture, listening to jazz, with a martini in my hand. Except that I might look funny doing that right next to Boyfriend and his buddies playing Xbox and watching sports on it. Sigh.

In keeping with the retro vibe I'm feeling lately, I'm also obsessed with mirrored furniture. It's just so sleek and fun, and makes your place look bigger because of the illusion the mirror creates! It's also great for, you know, looking at yourself in the mirror, duh. 

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And, of course, it wouldn't be a photo post from BSMMH without some food porn. I give you, a foie gras ice cream and gingersnap sandwich. I know some of you may think it sounds gross, but you're talking to someone who might have almost tried the decadent foie gras biscuits her dog received as a birthday present because it smelled like heaven. I say "might have" because that someone will completely deny this story if ever questioned about it. 


cindy said...

Good luck on the move! Just think, you'll be in brand new digs soon that you'll get to decorate from scratch. So exciting!

Catherine said...

Moving f---ing sucks. There's no way around it. I've already decided that I'm springing for movers next time. Good luck on the move - just think, it will be worth it in the end! I totally missed where you're going - new apt, condo or house? Can't wait to see pictures!!

That couch makes my mouth water. If only boyfriend/dogs/cats weren't so messy...

Annie said...

Hope the move goes well! Love those necklaces! So chic!


Katie Q. said...

Oh, I so agree with you! I HATE moving. I would rather go to the dentist and let him have his way with all of those horrible, pointy tools than moving.(this is saying a lot, I rather dislike the dentist, he's rather stingy with the happy gas.)
Good luck, I hope your packing goes by fast for you.

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