January 19, 2012

Leopard Popping

Top - Chantell on Melrose Ave., Scarf - Nordstrom (gifted), Jeans - JBrand,  Bracelet - Banana Republic 
It seems like every week, I discover a new color that coordinates beautifully with a bold leopard print. I said way back HERE that leopard print is just unstumpable, and it continues to amaze me with its versatility. I was inspired by Chriselle (one of my fashion faves) to rock leopard with a deep brick red this time, and I loved the results. I love how the the leopard made the red pop and the red made the leopard pop. That sentence came out weird. I should not be advocating leopards popping. I want it on the record that BSMMH does not advocate the popping of leopards in any way. OK, this conversation is taking a weird turn. But seriously, I challenge you to pair your leopard prints with bright colored pieces like cobalt, teal, tangerine, or even fuschia. Just make sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral. The results will be eye (and leopard) popping.


Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Such cute sleeves!


Katie Q. said...

Oooh, got to watch out for those popping leopards. ^_^

I love red and leopard together, its one of those fashion combos made in heaven. This is such a cute and happy outfit.

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