January 9, 2012

Come and Knock on Our Door

Dress - Vintage, Belt - F21, Shoes - Lucky @ModCloth, Bracelet - Banana Republic
This dress totally reminds me of something that Chrissy or Janet on Three's Company would have worn. I love the white piping and the rich maroon color, and I adore that it feels so vintage and modern at the same time. Those are my favorite kinds of vintage pieces, ones that have a real vintage feel but not so much that they look costumey. I can easily incorporate this dress into my daily wardrobe without having to find a special occasion to wear it. All I need is a kitschy 1970s apartment, a homophobic landlord, and an apparently ambiguously gay roommate. Oh, Three's Company, you were so ahead of your time.

My weekend trip to the Central Coast was totally wonderful. We spent the days eating seafood, enjoying the 70 degree sunshine, and doing a lot of shopping. I even found the most lovely vintage shops and scored some amazing finds! Unfortunately, I also caught a bit of a bug over the weekend and am struggling to focus since my head is a fog of cold medicine and fatigue. Please forgive me if this post made no sense. Well, no MORE sense than usual, I suppose. Wait, OK, now that last sentence definitely did NOT make sense.

Pismo Beach pier

The best clam chowder shop on the Central Coast

Lovely old fashioned architecture in downtown SLO


clementine* said...

You look great :) that dress has such a rich, beautiful color. I love how you downplayed the accessories making the dress the main event.

~Lara~ said...

I like the Three's Company reference! It does remind me of that too, especially when you put those shoes with it! How fun!

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