January 27, 2012

Piping Hot

Coat - Jones New York, Blouse - H&M, Skirt - Vintage
I am totally in love with this white blouse with black piping from H&M. I've decided that it's a wardrobe must-have because it pretty much goes with everything. I love how it looks paired with other neutrals like I did here, but I've also worn it with a simple pair of skinny jeans and camel flats and can't wait to rock it with this bright blue faux leather miniskirt that I picked up on a whim a few weeks back. I also plan on pairing it with an emerald pencil skirt or a pair of mustard high waisted pants or with a crisp pair of tailored black shorts when the weather warms up or ...OK, I'll stop. But I wanted to show you I wasn't lying. It goes with EVERYTHING. It's like how a black-and-white striped tee shirt is just as versatile as a white tee shirt. Except this shirt is not striped. Or a tee shirt. But otherwise, it's exactly the same.

I have been consumed this week with working and packing, so I'm pretty much running on fumes at this point. Naturally, the week before my move coincided with a week before a big project for work was due, so I haven't had much time for much else. Packing has given me a great excuse for weeding out pieces from my closet, and I've already filled a couple of trash bags with clothes to donate to Goodwill. I kept myself from crying over the loss of these pieces (because you know I deeply love all of my clothes) by reminding myself that this is how you make room for new clothes. The Boyfriend is shaking is head while reading this, I'm sure.

Have a great weekend!


clementine* said...

I love new clothes too :)

Katie Q. said...

Oh, this blouse is lovely, very graphic looking with the white and the black.

I always end up throwing stuff out when I pack, I hate it having to lug it around.! (and then you can get new stuff.....no motive there.)

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