March 26, 2012

Mad, Mad World

Dress, Shoes - ModCloth, Wrap - Vintage, Jewelry - Vintage
Along with about a jillion other people, I was waiting all weekend on the edge of my seat for the Mad Men Season 5 premiere last night. The show is amazing. Aside from the great writing and amazing story lines, the show is just so cinematically beautiful with all of the gorgeous sets and vintage clothing. And for someone obsessed with Jon Hamm all things vintage like me, Mad Men is pretty much a must-see. I read somewhere that the show is one of the most influential television shows of all time in terms of the impact that it has had on the fashion world, and I believe it. It certainly inspires me. Many a time, I've found myself scribbling down a note about color combinations or looks or hairstyles that I see on the show that I want to try out.

I decided to get all dolled up in a Mad Men inspired outfit to watch the season premiere with some friends. I think everyone was expecting me to go for a "Joan" look since, let's face it, my body type is a lot more similar to hers than Betty Draper's (she will always be Betty Draper to me!). But I wanted to be a little daring since I wear Joan inspired outfits all the time. I also wanted to see if a curvy girl could pull off a Betty-type dress, and I have been DYING to debut this vintage wrap that I found on my vacation to San Luis Obispo a couple of months ago. I felt so glamorous and fancy in this look. Do you think this is how fabulous the women in the 1960s felt all the time? And if so, why are they smoking and drinking and cheating on their husbands so much?

Did you catch the Mad Men premiere? Also, for a laugh. Check out the newest thing since planking. Draping. We live in a weird world. Happy Monday!

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Jennifer said...

You nailed the Mad Men look - fabulous!

xo Jennifer

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