March 20, 2012

Colorblock Walk

Coat - Lulu's, Tank - Marshall's, Jeans - Mavi, Shoes - Payless, Bag - Target (old)
Sorry if the brightness of this outfit is attacking your eyes, but I just couldn't resist injecting some fun colors into my day to counter the gloomy weather that has descended upon Northern California with a vengeance. Spring, where arrrrrre you? I'm so jealous of the fashion bloggers around the country who seem to be enjoying sunny skies, bare legs, and lighter fabrics. Winter got a late start here in my part of the world, so I'm still breaking out the coats and closed-toed shoes even though I'm dying to be flouncing around in dresses and skirts and sandals. That's right. Come spring, I flounce. Get ready.

I love the idea of pairing three bright complementary colors together, especially when the sky is gray. I know the jacket looks a bit red in the pictures, but it's really more of a bright orange. You probably remember here that orange and aqua or "aquorange" is one of my favorite color combinations. I wanted to add a pop of one more bright color (just in case I hadn't burned your retinas enough already), so I grabbed my bright yellow tote. The colors of my outfit really did brighten up my gloomy day...AND it made me really easy to find in a crowded room. Score.


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Sarah said...

NO apologies required. I LOVE all the color you've got going on! Especially the coat--I may steal it.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this outfit! So cute and put together! Plus that coat is just darling! :]]]


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