March 2, 2012

Highs and Lows

Shirt - some mall store in LA, Belt - F21, Skirt - local boutique, Booties - F21
I searched high and low for this skirt...HA. Get it? Sorry, it's late and I'm all out of funny. But seriously, I have been wanting an assymetrical hemline skirt, or a "high-low hem" skirt for the longest time but could never find the one. So many of the ones I tried on were too short in the front, too pleated, too long in the back, or too flowy. For a curvy girl searching for a high-low skirt, I'd recommend finding one that isn't too short in the front and I would also avoid pleats or skirts with too much, well, skirt. Pleats and skirts with too much material made me look ginormous for some reason in this silhouette, so take it from me, simple, sleek and less flowy is the way to go.

I was thrilled when I stumbled onto this skirt in a new local boutique that I had never noticed before. There was a 20-minute wait at my favorite Mexican restaurant, and I took a walk down the street to kill time. There I found it (last one in the shop and in my size!), tucked into a small vintage and new clothing boutique just waiting for me. It was like destiny wanted me to have that skirt, and who am I to fight with the mighty gods of shopping? Clearly, I had to buy it. I was powerless to resist. Yep, I take my ridiculous rationalizations for shopping pretty seriously, folks. I can literally convince myself to buy anything. Except maybe vegetables or a "sensible" pair of shoes.

Happy weekend!


fashion kats said...

Like your shoes :)


cindy said...

such a cute skirt!! and it fits perfectly! i agree about all the pleats...hard to wear unless you're 5'11". damn those tall bitches! LOL

Nautical Stripes said...

I love a great vintage find! The skirt looks great on you and that color of your top is gorgeous.

Your newest follower,

Mindy at

Haute Eyes said...

Absolutely love that skirt!! Looks great with the bright top!! Would love for you to checkout my latest posts and participate in my giveaway!! Follow me, I follow you?!


Bre said...

First let me say, you look fabulous in this outfit. And I totally smiled when I read that you earthed high and lo for that skid, hee hee.
I have been looking for one of these as well and I just can't find the time lately. I'm glad you got lucky!

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