May 1, 2012

Never Never Land

Top - Forever 21, Watch - FrockCandy
There is something that I just adore about a Peter Pan collar. Maybe it's because it's so dainty and feminine, or because it's so vintage and yet timeless, or maybe it's because it's named after a fictional character that sort of embodies my own personal disposition of never wanting to grow up. It's kind of funny that this is named a Peter Pan collar, by the way, because I have never seen Peter Pan actually wear a collar like this. Anyway, I love this collar, whether it's in tank tops, shirts, or dresses. Since the blush color and the sheer fabric make this top so amazingly girly, I thought I'd tone it down a bit with some simple dark skinnies and platform pumps.  I can also see myself wearing this shirt with a short pleated skirt and mary janes to play up the girly look or with a simple pencil skirt and pumps for work.

Versatility in my clothing is a new quality that I have found myself searching for more and more. I used to just see something I thought was cute and then buy it because I wanted it. Now, I think to myself, "Where would I wear this? How would I wear this? Could I wear it more than once every couple of months?" I'd like to think that this new way of thinking is a sign of maturity and growth as a shopper, but in actuality it's probably because my closet is literally bursting at the seams. I need to start shopping smarter if I want  to have room know, more clothes. Viva la Peter Pan!


Jennifer said...

That blouse is so pretty!

xo Jennifer

Look Pretty said...

Hey! I like the blouse. Can't really see all of the shoes but they look cute too. Happy Friday!

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