August 13, 2013


Top - F21, Skirt - Nordstrom
I came to the disturbing realization over the weekend that summer is almost over. And I nearly cried. If you're not new to this blog, then you know that I always have a hard time dealing with the end of summer. It's probably just a left over Pavlovian response from being a student and feeling that the end of summer marks the end of relaxation, irresponsibility, long days, and warm weather activities. But it also means the end of super cute summer outfits. I know there are so many bloggers out there who crave fall weather and the outfit possibilities it brings, but not me. I love skirts and tank tops and dresses and sandals. And I'm just not ready for scarves and boots and jeans. I have a lot of cute summer wear to get through before cold temperatures force me to bundle up, so I'm on a mission to squeeze them all in while I can! 

Yes, I fully recognize that this crisis of wanting to wear all my cute summer clothes while I still can is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You'd think binge watching six hours of Orange is the New Black over the weekend (can I just reiterate how awesome this show is?!) should have given me a whole new perspective on what I consider problems. But I figure that's part of what freedom is, right? The freedom to sweat the small things or the freedom to find joy in rocking a cute new outfit. In my case, it's probably also the freedom to sit on my couch eating frozen yogurt and fruit and watch multiple episodes of OITB on a Sunday afternoon without feeling like a sloth. Freedom is freedom, yo. (That "yo" is my tribute to Tricia's character on the show. Yes, I might be getting a bit obsessed.)      

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