August 9, 2013

Sail Away

Sweater , Shorts - F21, Bracelet - JCrew, Sunnies - RayBan
There's something that just seems so wrong about wearing a light sweater with shorts...and yet, it can be so right. I think one of the fashion rules I unconsciously adhere to is pairing short sleeves with shorts and long sleeves with long pants. But I really wanted to do a nautical/coral look, and the only blue and white striped item I had in my closet was this sweater, so I went for it. Rules, schmules, right? I actually kind of love how it turned out, and it was a surprisingly perfect outfit for an early morning summer breakfast where I was afraid I'd be a bit chilly. I love the nautical + coral color theme, although I think this sweater would also look great with my mustard yellow shorts or my red mini skirt. A nautical stripe top is just so versatile, and pairing it with shorts is so much more fun than just wearing it with jeans like I did here

What are all you lovely ladies doing for the weekend? I'm looking forward to taking it easy, and getting some much needed R&R. I plan on spending the weekend celebrating a friend's birthday, sleeping in when I can, and sneaking in as many episodes as I can of Orange is the New Black (I'm hooked!). Have a great one, lovelies! 

1 comment:

Z said...

It always seems strange to me too! However, my all time favorite outfit for chilly summer nights are a pair of shorts and a hoodie! Who would have guessed? love the look!

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