August 21, 2013

Laser Cut

Tank - F21, Shorts - Nordstrom, Shoes - JustFab
Lately, I have been finding myself more and more drawn to the gorgeous laser-cut pieces that I've been seeing out there. This particular black tank top was irresistible to me, with its flattering cut and high-low hem. I particularly love the detail in the back, right down to the gold button. There's just something so chic and sexy about this lasercut pattern, and I love that it shows a little bit of cleavage without really showing any cleavage, if that makes sense. As I get older, I find that my necklines get higher and higher, and this pretty laser cut pattern was an easy way to keep the neckline high and the cleavage subtle without looking like a total grandma. Because, hey, just because I sometimes fall asleep in front of the TV in my PJs shortly after drinking a nice warm cup of tea (and long before Conan comes on) doesn't mean that my outfit has to belie my grandma status, right?

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