August 16, 2013


From L to R -
Row 1: New booties; My dinner of fruit and fro yo (don't judge); I heart chevron!; House of Prime Rib in SF (yum!);
Row 2: Black-cobalt-leopard for work; Arm party; I'm a HUGE horror movie buff and The Conjuring rocked my skirt off; Tip for gel nails growing out: glitter ombre!
Row 3: Strawberry shortcake from Bakesale Betty's in Oakland; Bay Bridge; Pastels and MJs; My baby girl
Row 4: Grandmother's jade ring; Peacock print for work; Addicted to green tea lattes; Obsessed with ankle straps  
I love looking back at the instaneous snapshots of my life and having such a readily available log of my recent experiences. Sometimes, I hate technology so much (the fact that I can't make it through an hour without looking at my phone drives me nuts or the fact that I can't get away from the office even on vacation), but when it comes to Instagram, I'm pretty thankful for the memories it allows me to document. Well done, technology. Well done. Follow me, BSMMH, if you want to share in my Insta-life.

This weekend is going to be another relaxing one. I'm planning date night tonight for the mans, and I plan on sleeping in tomorrow and making breakfast in my pajamas (one of my absolute favorite Saturday morning luxuries). I've also got a work summer baseball game picnic, and I'm hoping to squeeze in some pool time since the temperatures are expected to hit the three-digit mark again. Oh, summer, I will make the most of you while I can!

What are your weekend plans? Have a great one, and stay cool!

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