May 25, 2011

Flights of Fancy

Sweater - F21, Dress - H&M, Bag - Dior
The boyfriend and I grabbed breakfast at one of our favorite places, a sort of homestyle diner that is located inside a small municipal airport this week. The food is delicious and the whole restaurant is windowed so you can watch planes taking off and landing on the runway while you eat. We've been coming here for years, but this was the first time we actually stepped outside to check out the planes. While we were snapping photos, the pilot of a private jet walked by and offered us a tour of the plane. *Swoon.* It was gorgeous inside. Plush leather seating, expensive imported water and a full-sized convection oven for on-board gourmet meals. Flying commercial planes will never be as satisfying for me again after trying out the giant cushy seats inside the jet. I'm ruined.

I told you here how much I adore the combination of orange and blue, so I couldn't resist picking up this bright orange flowered dress from H&M. It's a bit frilly and girly, so it was a perfect piece to pair with my navy blue comfy grandpa sweater.  A floral dress and cardigan is quickly becoming my go-to outfit for spring, so I'm hoping that y'all don't get tired of seeing this combination in several different prints and colors! If you do...please don't tell me. It would ruin the extremely misguided delusion I have that all of you love me. 


kathy said...

I love the pattern and the style of the dress, it's just that it's so...short. It looks good on you, but do you feel uncomfortable in the super short skirts/dresses? I've read that some bloggers wear shorts under their dresses. Is this true? Do tell!

KK said...

@kathy Haha...good question! Frankly, it looks a lot shorter than it actually is because I have me some meaty thighs. Seriously, my 97-pound sister can wear the same length skirt and it looks much shorter on me than it does on her. That being said, I don't feel uncomfortable. You just have to be very aware and make sure you don't do anything too compromising while you're wearing it. And don't wear it on a windy day!

I have heard about wearing shorts under, but I would probably never wear a skirt so short that it would require me to do that because it wouldn't be too flattering. :) Hope this answers your question!

Carla McCarthy said...

You look perfect to jump in the jet!It's really a cute combination dress with cardigans!

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Paige Renae said...

I've been living in cardigans and dresses lately, they're so comfy and perfect for both spring and summer, however, I must say you pull it off better than I ever could! And this outfit totally makes you look like a jetsetter ready to hop off in your own private plane! The colors also look great against your lovely tan skin.
-Paige Renae

Elaine said...

So now that you have an "in" with a pilot, can you give me a ride? :)

KK said...

@carla @paige thanks, ladies! I'm glad I'm not the only one who digs the dress, cardigan combo.
@elaine hahaha...absolutely!

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