May 18, 2011

Working It

Top - Banana Republic, Skirt - Ann Taylor, Shoes - Nine West, Jewelry - Vintage
I realized that it has been so long since I have posted a work outfit for ya'll, and I have to apologize. The wintry weather was keeping me from feeling too inspired about my work clothes, and there were so many other fun pieces in my closet that I was dying to feature here that posting work outfits fell to the back burner. So here is my way of saying of my favorite work-appropriate ensembles!

If you're not new to the blog, you know that my corporate job is characterized by an alarming lack of color and and even more alarming lack of fun and femininity. I like to combat the potentially creativity-sucking atmosphere at work by putting together work-appropriate outfits that are still fun and pretty and...not black or navy. This peacock-print blouse is a perfect piece for accomplishing my goal. Its colors are sophisticated and yet...well, colorful...and it can be worn by itself or tucked under a blazer if need be. Plus, if you remember this post, you remember that I love peacock feathers!

OK, so I think it's becoming pretty apparent that I have an unhealthy obsession with belts. I can't get enough of them! They are such a handy tool for adding polish to an outfit, and for the curvy girl, they are a definite fashion must. They flatter by drawing attention to the thinnest part of our figures, which obviously means that they also draw attention away from the parts of our bodies that are, shall we say, less thin. I believe Bridget Jones calls those parts our "wobbly bits." Who doesn't want to draw the eye away from something called wobbly bits? So the lesson of today's blog is that belts should actually be called Wobbly Bit Repellents. Oh yeah, that phrase is going viral. Just you wait. I'm thinking that I need an "I Heart Wobbly Bit Repellents" t-shirt. Or a button. Maybe a foam finger. Bumper sticker? OK. I'm done. I'm clearly losing it. Happy Hump Day!


kathy said...

This is a great outfit. I love the blouse. I never wore belts till I started reading fashion blogs, and now I can't go without one. They really do add polish to an outfit.

cindy said...

love this outfit. and the cut and length of the skirt are very lengthening. If i didn't know better, I'd say you look about 5'5"! i gotta try the same thing... :)

also, you rock belts better than anyone i know!

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