May 6, 2011

Yabba Dabba

Tank - F21, Belt and Skirt - H&M
This is my Wilma Flinstone necklace. I've had it forever, and I think of her every time I put it on. If you think about it, Wilma and Betty were quite the little fashionistas of Bedrock. Notice how Wilma has the most perfect LWD and Betty 's dress is the most envioius shade of aqua, one of my favorite colors for spring. And don't even get me started on Fred's fashion sense. Hello, orange and teal? Fred is an expert color blocker from waaaay back.

I love polka dots, but I particularly love this polka dot skirt because the dots are so big. It makes the outfit instantly festive, and you don't need a lot of accessorizing to jazz up your look. I went for a simple monochromatic scheme to make the polka dots pop and opted for my Wilma Flinstone necklace and round black ring to keep with the circle/dot theme. (Alas, I dropped my circle ring and broke it shortly after this picture was taken...tear).

It was about 100 degrees the day I sported this outfit, and I'm glad I opted for something cool and summery. I have been running around like a mad woman this week, putting together a little first birthday party for my  pup and her puppy friends. Yeah, yeah, I know it's a bit cheesy, but I LOVE throwing parties, and I figured a dog's birthday is as good a reason as any. The boyfriend says I've gone a bit overboard planning this party, but I only have one speed when it comes to event planning, so what can I say?

Can't wait to post pics from the party and have you share in all the fun. Have a great weekend!


Sarah said...

That's so sad that your ring broke! I love all your fashion talk about the Flinstones, though. (: It cracked me up 'cause you're totally right. By the way, your polka dots are the most perfect polka dots I ever have seen.

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clementine said...

i _love_ that skirt. i love polka dots so much. i'm also sad about your ring! it's a very sad day when you lose a favorite piece to wear. great outfit!

clementine said...

also your smile is contagious :D

Liana said...

this is such a cute outfit! and i agree, the Flintstones were quite fashionable :)
thanks for the great comments lately!

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Girl about town.... said...

Haha, shopping make me happy too!!

Love your blog, your hilarious!

Those polka dots are sooo cute!

Officially following! Hi :)

Girl about Town XxX

KK said...

@clementine aw, thanks, girl! i have actually been super self conscious about my smile my whole life....your comment made my day!

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