July 20, 2011

Fear Factor

Romper - c/o PaperDoll on Melrose Ave., Bracelets - gifted, Hawaii

As a petite, curvy girl, I have found that there are sometimes certain clothing items that can be described as a little scary. Scary because they seem unforgiving, unflattering and built for girls who are about eight inches taller than me.  Scary because they look fabulous draped on lanky, tall mannequins or models who look nothing like me.

For a very long time, rompers instilled a little of this fear in me. I just assumed that they were too short and too unforgiving and would pull in all the wrong places. I was wrong. (And I'm actually admitting it, something the boyfriend says I'm incapable of doing).  This post is a testament to the fact that we should all be brave, swallow our fear, and try things on. Fashion is supposed to be fun, not scary, right? I have now learned that I adore rompers, and in traditional BSMMH fashion, I cannot stop buying them! This is fair warning that you will be seeing a lot of rompers in the upcoming weeks. I can't get enough of them. They're like cupcakes or dollar bills to me. One is good, but four is better.

I went back and forth on whether I should add a belt to this romper. I love outfits that give you the freedom to make the decision based on your mood. I opted for none this time so as not to break up the color of the romper and keep the outfit clean and simple, but you know I'll be changing it up and experimenting with different looks in the coming weeks. Like I said, I love me some rompers! Who would have thought?

Are there any fashions that instill a little fear in you, or that you're scared to try?

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