July 5, 2011

Birthday Suit

Halter - Ann Taylor (old), Skirt - F21, Bracelets - Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, HI
So today is my birthday, but this is not what I wore on my birthday. This is what I wore on America's birthday. I don't know what America is wearing on my birthday. Tomorrow, I will post what I wore on my birthday, but I'm sure America will not post what it wore on my birthday. I know, it all gets very confusing. Let's just get back to my outfit. The one I wore yesterday.

Happy Belated Fourth of July everyone! I love this bright red A-line skirt. It was so festive for the fourth, and its thick jersey material is very forgiving. I have tons of ideas for other ways to wear it this summer, but for the Fourth of July barbecue I went to, I figured it was appropriate to wear a plain white halter with it and some navy sunglasses. Red, white, and blue, baby. I love that our nation's colors fit right in with the nautical trend that's so hot right now.

For the Fourth, we celebrated by watching a little neighborhood parade roll down in front of my house and then headed over to a barbecue at the house of one of my closest friends. The greatest thing about the small town I live in now is that it's legal to set off all sorts of amazing fireworks. Being from LA, this always amazes me and excites me. I think I may be a bit of a pyro because I just LOVE lighting them up. We ate amazing food, drank yummy fruity drinks, and lit off hundreds of fireworks. It was a great night...and a great start to celebrating my birthday. Yup, bringing it back to ME again.

Cool LED light ice cubes that changed colors in my mai tai

What did you guys do for the Fourth? Tonight, we head to some special secret place for a celebratory birthday dinner and I've been told to "dress my best." My favorite directive. Happy Birthday to me!


clementine* said...

happy birthday again :)

i love that skirt!! seriously. and i have a soft spot for halter tops.

i watched fireworks on a hill over the valley where i live now. there was supposed to be a couple of "scheduled" shows but the whole valley was a large community show which was neat. i didn't light any because i didn't feel like buying any. i also grew up in LA, in the westside. how about that?

KK said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes, clementine! Glad you like the skirt because you're going to see it a lot on this blog. :) Yay for LA origins!

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