July 14, 2011

Stranded at the Drive-In

Halter - Arden B (sample sale), Bracelet - Vintage

Being a Los Angeles transplant now living in a small town, I do my fair share of complaining about all the things I miss about living in a big city. But I have to say that one of the ways that my current town trumps big city life HANDS DOWN is the fact that this town has a drive-in theater. I had never been to one until about three years ago, but now I absolutely LOVE going to the drive-in! There's just something so adorably retro about it. I love the old-fashioned snack bar and feeling the summer breeze while I enjoy a movie with my pup fast asleep on my lap. I love the fact that we can pack up the car with yummy snacks and drinks and soft blankets and pillows and then settle back for a double feature for just $6.95 a person. These are amenities that you just can't get at a regular movie theater. And with my love affair of all things vintage and retro, how could I not love the drive-in? Every time I go, I'm half tempted to wear a full poodle skirt and a high ponytail just because it feels so 1950s there. I don't though. I think the boyfriend would pretend he didn't know me if I did. So for our trip last night, I went with a halter top and cropped pants for a little retro flavor instead, and he happily acknowledged who I was. Until I ordered a gigantic popcorn and started snapping photos of it at the snack bar for this blog. Geez. So unsupportive.

For more on drive-ins, check out ModCloth's recent blog entry about them. I love ModCloth. I love drive-ins. ModCloth loves drive-ins. Best threesome ever.

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