July 13, 2011

Aquorange Time

Tank - Target, Skirt - H&M, Ring - gifted from sister, Earrings - ModCloth
A few months ago, I saw an old picture of Twiggy (circa 1970s)  in a fashion magazine, and she was wearing the most adorable orange drawstring pants, paired with a long-sleeved aqua-colored top. When I saw it, something just clicked for me. Ever since then, I have become OBSESSED with the aqua-orange combination. Or "aquorange" as I call it. I'm trying to get that to catch on. Any day now, I'm thinking. Yep, aaaany day.

In the meantime, I. Can't. Stop. Wearing. Aquorange. (See how I just snuck that word in there? That's how you do it, you know). I just love how the combination is somewhat unexpected and yet the colors play so well off each other. If you haven't tried it yet...go for it! It's bold and yet not too crazy. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, but how chic was Fred Flinstone for his time? He rocked this color combination since prehistoric times. Fred, you are the godfather of aquorange. (See how I did that again there? I'm slick, I tell you).

By the way, how cute is this bow skirt with POCKETS? I am also loving bows this season, and this skirt, with its dusty orange shade and flattering cut was definitely a must-have for me. I'm sure you've noticed by now that my definition of "must-have" is not something that I can't live without. It's something that makes living life all the more worth it. This description can apply to clothing, shoes, a loved one, or even a spoonful of ice cream. If that definition of "must-have" is wrong, then I definitely don't wanna be right.


Jenn said...

I love the bold use of colors in your outfit! Especially that skirt. I just started following, too.

Complex Cardigans

KK said...

Thanks, girl! Welcome!

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