September 21, 2011

Work and Play

Top, Shoes - F21, Shorts - H&M, Belt - Borrowed, Jewelry - Coral from Hawaii
If you're not new to this blog, then you know that part of the reason I started fashion blogging in the first place was to revolt against the oppressive and conservative fashion rules of the corporate world where I work. I know I make it sound like a war or something, but sometimes I swear it feels like it is.. And I am a soldier. In stiletto heels and cute clothes. Anyway, part of my battle against drab suits and monochrome color schemes is to try and find colorful and fun casual pieces that I can also get away with wearing to work if I get a little creative. Not only does this type of remixing make me feel cute and stylish while I'm slogging through the 9 to 5, but I also feel like I'm getting away with something a little naughty AND winning a battle against corporate fashion. Am I taking this war metaphor a little too far? I didn't think so. Scroll down to see how I remixed this top for work.

I fell in love with this top when I first saw it. I'm a sucker for anything flowy and flowery and romantic, and if you toss a splash of coral color in there, I am sold. I love that this top can be dressed up or dressed down and keeps both my casual and work outfits from being anything but boring.

Since cardigan sweater sets and pencil skirts are totally work appropriate, I pushed the envelope a little with this top when I wore it to work this week by pairing it with a bright colored sweater and a thick braided belt. .

How do you remix your casual and fun pieces for work?

Skirt - Banana Republic, Pumps - Nine West, Cardigan - Bass


Elaine said...

That top is cute! and I love those shoes!

KK said...

Aw, thanks, Elaine! I love these shoes because they make me so tall! :)

jill said...

You are beautiful, and I'm in full support of your fashion war! I actually had a nightmare last night where my boss told me my outfit was hideous.

x. jill
those ghosts

Anonymous said...

God I so hear you on the corporate rules. It's ridiculous. We don't even have Jeans Friday!! But I think you did a great job corporate-fying (ugh, sorry, had to) the casual outfit into a work one. That floral blouse is adorable!

Anonymous said...

I totally get what you stand for. I think you do a good job here of being professional and fun. I am not working right now, but if I were I think a pop of color with a high heel looks professional enough and is fun and flirty.

<3 Rachel

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