September 30, 2011

One Republic

I have had the One Republic song "Apologize" running through my head all this week because I have been a terrible, TERRIBLE blogger! I swear I have a good reason though, so I wanted to at least post something to share with you what I've been up to this week. Those of  you who are not new to the blog know that I have a full-time corporate job, a love of fashion...and a passion for soapmaking! I know, I know, the first thing popping into your head is, "Are you a part of Fight Club?" I swear, I get asked that question all the time, mainly from men. No, I don't make bars of soap from human fat. Gross. Although, maybe I would if I could hang out with Brad Pitt everyday. Come on, you would too!

But in all seriousness, soapmaking is something that started out as a hobby years ago when I thought they would make fun favors for friends' bridal showers, baby showers, stocking stuffers, etc. Then over the past couple of years, I started learning new soap making techniques and came up with some cool ideas for soap, and a little part-time business was born (yes, because I have so much free time...not!).  I've been doing a good number of special events, including weddings, since soaps make such unique and useful favors. The BF's mom also got me hooked into selling my goodies at select craft fairs and events in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, since she's a crafter and has been selling her stuff at craft fairs for years. So this week, I have been working in a sweat shop out of my house (don't worry, I'm the only sweat shop employee), getting ready for a craft fair this weekend. So, please forgive me for the lack of outfit posts, I have been wearing grungy jean cutoffs and an old tee shirt all week, and I wanted to spare you seeing that. I promise to be back to normal blogging next week.

Since I love food, it's no surprise that so many of my soap making products seem to revolve around food. I've got a whole line of dessert soap bars that come in flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Mint Chocolate Chip, Banana Nut Bread, Lavender Vanilla Shortbread, and my personal favorite: Pumpkin Pie Milkshake. I also have soap that look like sushi bento boxes, complete with soap wasabi and ginger, and I've just started making soaps that look like Japanese mochi, as well as yummy looking French macaroon soaps. I will post a link to more photos next week. I'm hoping to eventually get my stuff up on Etsy before the holiday season, so wish me luck!

Have a fabulous weekend, loves...see you on the other side (of this ridiculously labor-intensive, busy week)!


clementine* said...

i'm not a stalker, but i love your soaps, and show us your grungy soap making outfits! <3

Anonymous said...

Is that soap...sushi?? That has got to be the coolest thing EVER. I cannot believe you made all that PLUS have a full-time job. Have you ever thought about opening up an etsy shop? Or does that thought make your head explode a little? :) I wish I lived in Cali, because I would totally buy your beautiful soaps!!

Don't Think Twice said...

ohhhh what lovely pics, and those soaps look really gREAT!^^

xx, Rachel :)

KK said...

@clementine Haha, trust me, you do NOT want to see!
@smalltownbigwardrobe Aw, thanks, girl! Well, once I get up on Etsy, I will ship for loyal BSMMH followers like you! :)
@Don't Think Twice Thank you, Rachel!

Liana said...

Please get up on etsy... I need to buy at least a dozen of your sushi bento box soaps for gifts. Too cute!!
PS, first time commenting, but I love your blog!
<3 Liana

Anonymous said...

Do you know what when apologize 1st came out, I couldn't stop humming it for a good three months!! STILL LOVE THAT TRACK. And I love those sushi inspired soaps - pretty cool! xx


KK said...

@liana Thank you! I'm actually up on etsy (you can look for "the soapery") but I only have a few items up there and am trying to get a bunch more up before the holidays. Thanks for the comment!
@Viva.V's totally the kind of song that gets stuck in your head! And you have a good eye...those sushi soaps are my best seller!

alicia said...

cute cute post!!

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