September 16, 2011

It's So Simple

Dress - F21 (gifted), Ring - Bloomingdale's (gifted), Watch, Bracelet - Vintage
It's usually during September and the beginning of October that I am so thankful to be living in California, where the warm temperatures and sunshine can make me almost pretend it's still summer. (Can you tell that I am super in denial about the approach of fall? I promise I'll stop whining about it soon!) I am continuing my love affair with orange with this gorgeous dress that my sister bought me. She is my bestest friend and biggest fashion inspiration, and she knows how much I can't resist pairing orange with teal like I last did here. This dress makes it easy on me by putting the turquoise in the orange dress. It's like they're in the computer. It's so simple. Hopefully you get that movie reference because it's one of my all-time faves. If you didn't, sorry for the random non sequitur.

I can not wait for this weekend to get started. I'm making my way down to LA for a short trip to attend a swanky little rooftop party thrown by my ever fashionable friend L, a mini-college reunion since an old girlfriend is coming into town, and my dad's birthday party. You know what that means. Good food and friends? Yes. But more importantly, fun outfits! I'm especially excited to rock a "new" vintage dress that I recently had altered. It's been sitting in my closet, saying "wear me! wear me!" for months. Yes, my clothes talk to me. And no, I don't talk back. Unless I'm really lonely.

Have a lovely weekend, loves!


clementine* said...

wow i totally love that dress, it looks so great on you. and you can layer that so well and carry it into fall and winter!!

in the computer? i just said that last week! ;)

i'm also heading down to LA this weekend, in about an hour or so. time for friends, photos and thrifting!!

Anonymous said...

I talk to my clothes too. Mostly when I'm mad at them for not fitting. :)

Love the orange. You rock dresses so well! I can't wait to see your dress for this weekend.

Jessica Shofler said...

Cute dress! You're going to post the dress that you're wearing in LA right?

Sarah said...

That is such a fun print! It makes me wish I had had much of a summer here. Orange is a color I am very tentative with, so kudos to you for rocking it.

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