September 22, 2011

The Color Orange

Top - Love Story, Shoes, Skirt - H&M, Ring - Borrowed (sister)
Lately, it seems like I can't get enough of any item of clothing that even has the slightest orange hue. Considering I spent the first twenty years of my life staying away from orange, it's pretty remarkable that I find myself continually gravitating toward it now. And while I've been known on this blog to rock the orange with an equally fun, bright, and contrasting color, this outfit makes me realize how nice orange pieces can look with muted neturals as well. I love how the polka dots on this shirt keep it from being just your average old white top and that they gives me a chance to wear these heels from H&M that I've had for months on my shoe rack, begging me daily to be worn. Yes, I personify my clothes and shoes and accessories. They have feelings and personalities and emotions ... and I'll stop talking now before you call the paddy wagon.

I can't tell you how excited I am for the weekend. It has been an extremely long and tiring week, and I am looking forward to a chance to recharge my batteries, in between celebrating a belated anniversary dinner with Boyfriend (can you believe we both forgot to celebrate on the actual day three weeks ago?) and having a much-needed girls' night out. Happy weekend, everyone! 


clementine* said...

i'm also totally gotten into orange. and teal. i just bought an awesome teal belt. but i LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!

Elaine said...

I totally love the orange with the muted neutral! Love!

KK said...

@clementine & @elaine thank you, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Orange is amazing. So are polka dots. I LOVE this outfit!

JustPatience said...

Beautiful skirt. The color is just amazing.Love the shoes and the blouse also.

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Sugar with Spikes said...

Love the skirt so pretty!


Look Pretty said...

really like this one. I would totally wear that!

<3 Dee :)

Lexi said...

That skirt is too beautiful! LOVE the cut!
lexi xx
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