February 3, 2012

Closet Control

Jacket - Vertigo Paris, Top - F21, Jeans - Mavi
I'm so terribly sorry about the lack of posting this week, but I have been spending every living, waking moment outside of work packing and crying and cleaning and yelling and unpacking and whining. It's been a harrowing week, but I'm finally moved out of my old place and all moved into my new place. Now, if I could just find someone to come over and unpack for me, I'd be all set. Any takers? Seriously, anyone? I'll be your best friend!

You never realize how much stuff you own until you try to pack it up and move. I know that fashion is one of my great passions, but I could not believe how many boxes it took to pack up my passion. The Boyfriend just kept shaking his head in disgust wonderment as I packed boxes upon boxes of clothes, shoes, accessories, and purses. It just kept coming! It made me realize that I really need to take control over my closet before it takes control over me (too late?). I'm going to be better at taking and keeping inventory of my goodies, organizing and recycling them, and swapping out items that I just don't need or want anymore. I'll get to that as soon as I finish unpacking. So, yeah, probably in about six years.

Have a great weekend, loves! 


Z said...

that coat is too cute! I'm petite as well and am always afraid of wearing cropped jackets/blazers...I think I should probably just get over my fear, haha. So glad you're getting settled in the new place, hope that The Boyfriend learns to love your entire closet.

Jennifer said...

I like the blue and yellow together :) I know what you mean about packing/unpacking. It's a pain!

xo Jennifer


Katie Q. said...

I an crazy for these colors together, it's so pretty and chic! (The gray pumps really pull it all together, and the yellow coat- too cute!)

Good luck with your unpacking!

Catherine said...

God, moving sucks!!! I can't believe when I was in school I moved every year for FIVE YEARS. That's one good thing about owning your own home - no moving quite as much!

I really like your color mixing here! And I especially love those heels. I've been trying to wear higher heels without falling/tripping. Sometimes it's a success; mostly not so much.

KK said...

@Z Thanks, girl! You should totally get over your fear. I'm obsessed with cropped jackets lately. I'm on a buying binge with them! They make your legs look longer if you're petite, so go for it!
@Jennifer @Katie Q. Thanks, girls! I've been plugging away at the unpacking and my CLOSET is finally unpacked. Priorities! Now onto the rest of the house... =)
@Catherine Definitely practice the ankle breakers in the house before you take them for a spin! I'm just so used to heels because I've been wearing them since I was 14. It's the life of a petite! ;)

Bre said...

Happy that you made the move alive. I know it can be hard.
You look sure in this outfit and in yellow.
If you have that much stuff start spring cleaning now! It's not too late but I would start going through it and be brutal. If you didn't wear it once this winter the changes of you wearing it next winter are slim.
I know you will do just fine.

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